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Seventeen Glorious Tennis posters 1895-1956

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Walter Goetz, Davis Cup Wimbledon, 1936.


Viano, Beaulieu sur Mer, 1930


US Lawn Tennis Poster, 1956.

US Lawn Tennis Poster, 1956.


M29027-796 001

The Dunlop / Frank Sedgman, by an unknown designer, 1954.


M29027-320 001

The Art of Tennis / And How to Play It, by an unknown designer.


Rudolf Matouschek, Tennis Plätze / Gartenbau, circa 1927


P.H. Lobel, [Salons des Cent], 1899

National Tennis Week, by an unknown designer.


Maurice Lauro, Automoto, circa 1928


Ludwig Hohlwein, Kaffee Hag, 1913


Louis C. Kalff, Nationale Lawn-Tennis Kampionschappen, 1922


Leon Benigni, Brides Les Bains, 1929


Hans Rudi Erdt, Lawn-Tennis Turnier / Heilgendamm, 1908


Gaston Gorde, Jardin des Dauphins / Grenoble, 1930.


E. Frock, [Doubles in Autumn], circa 1925.

Adelina Zandrino, Cherry Blossom Serve, circa 1930s.


Federal Art Project, WPA [Illinois],1939

Federal Art Project, WPA [Illinois],1939

Many of these beautiful posters have come from the Swann Auction Gallery website