“Fly the Friendly Skies” – United Airlines Ads 1934-1970

United airlines Come Back Soon

“You get this kind of “extra care” every time you fly with us” – 1968

On September 20, 2013 announced a return of the “Fly the Friendly Skies” slogan in an ad campaign that was accompanied by Gershwin’s “Rhapsody in Blue” theme and a voice over by Matt Damon. It was a resurrection of the tagline first used in 1965. After the forced removal of David Dao – a 69 year old doctor from Kentucky at the beginning of April 2017 it has probably been dropped for the foreseeable future.

Old Maid - 1967

“Old Maid” – 1967 – “Everyone gets warmth, friendliness and extra care. And someone may get a wife…”

United Airlines traces its roots to the Varney Air Lines air mail service of Walter Varney. Founded in Boise, Idaho in 1926, the carrier flew the first contract air mail flight in the U.S. on April 6, 1926, marking the first scheduled airline service in the country’s history with flights between Pasco, WA and Elko, NV via Boise.

In 1933, United Air Lines began operating the brand-new Boeing 247 airliner.It was able to fly a transcontinental flight in 20 hours, making it much faster than its predecessors.

After World War II, United took advantage of the boom in customer demand for air travel, with its revenue per passenger-miles jumping five-fold in the 1950s, and continued growth occurring through the next two decades.


United Airlines

United’s new Jetarama Theater! Ad from 1964

United Air Lines

What airline made courtesy a career? 1955

United Air Lines

“The Nation’s Number 1 Coast to Coast Airline” 1952

United Airl Lines 1962


United Airlines

Fly United’s new DC-7s – the nation’s fastest airliners! 1953

United Air Lines


United Airlines 1962 Take Your Mother to Disneyland

“Take your mother to Disneyland” – 1962

United Airlines


United Airlines c.1968

United makes Hawaii just a whoop and holler away. c.1968

United Airlines

New World Records By United Air Lines, 1934

Polyvinyl Flooring & United Airlines 1947

Polyvinyl Flooring & United Airlines 1947


United Airlines Aer Lingus Stewardesses 1971

United Air Lines Aer Lingus Stewardesses 1971

United Airlines 1934

United Air Lines, 1934

Fly United 1952.


United Airlines March 1960

“enjoy United’s Famous Extra Care..” March 1960


United airlines the Natives are Friendly 1965

“The Natives are friendly” – 1965

United AIRLINES 1951

United Air Lines ad 1951

United Airlines mainliners





United Airlines ad ww2


United Airlines ad This one ticket

“The Finest Meals Aloft”

United Airlines ad 1950


United Airline ad 3

“What airline tempts your taste the most?” 1955

United airlines ad 2


United Airlines ad 1


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