Fashion Studs: 1970s Macho Male Models & Their Rarely-Clothed Fawning Ladies

October 1974-4_Page_4

Let’s just say it was a thing in the 1970s for men’s fashion spreads in magazines to feature an ultra-macho male being pawed by a nude or semi-nude female.  They left no room to wonder if this guy was a genuine 100% stud  – it was crystal clear from the naked chick fawning over him that this dude was a sexual dynamo, and by association, his clothing was a must-have for any aspiring 70s swinger.  And it wasn’t just Penthouse and Playboy that produced these testosterone-drenched fashion spreads; GQ, Esquire featured their fair share.  So, let’s have a look at a few.  But be prepared – the manliness can be overwhelming.

Our first fashion spread comes to you from 1971, featuring a mustachioed gentleman that would give Ron Burgundy a run for his money.

180_Fashion 1971

And what exactly is his ladyfriend wearing?  It looks like a napkin or a small washcloth tied in the front.

182_Fashion 1971

He’s got the terrycloth one-piece suit, mighty sideburns with handlebar mustache, and a bigass collar – it’s no wonder the girl can’t resist.

178_Fashion 1971

 184_Fashion 1971

Well, it looks like this big fella has waited long enough; he’s not accustomed to having to wait when it comes to lovemaking. Let’s move on to the next fashion spread


This is from a 1970 fashion spread from an Italian magazine.  His lady-about-the-house doesn’t feel the need to wear pants; and why would she? He’s such a sex machine, he’d have her out of her pants soon enough.


And now she’s topless.  Suffice it to say, these 1970s macho males like their women disrobed.


He’s literally wearing matching fisherman knit wool sweater and pants without the slightest self-doubt.  Now that’s a real man.

And speak of the devil – here’s a real man from 1974 that simply exudes 1970s manliness…


“There’s little doubt that the lady, above, has developed a flash attachment for this well constructed hombre”

A mustard yellow leisure suit with rayon shirt with wide collar… add a mustache, a giant mane of hair, and a cheap cigar, and you’ve got yourself the ultimate 70s dude.


Here is another fashion spread from the fine year of 1974…

us 1974- 03 (21)_Close Ups

“It’s finally safe to say it: The freaky school of fashion is out.  No more wretched excess in the name of liberation.  And if you bought a gray flannel suit this year – leaving the funny numbers on the rack – you’re not alone.  But we’re not going back to the Stone Age, either.  With the right accessories, you can add some flash to that grayness – understatement is best, of course, but it’s OK to take a few chances and make your outfit express your psyche too.”

us 1974- 03 (24)_Close Ups

Yikes. I thought they said they were leaving behind the “freaky school of fashion”?  Well, he has a the requisite nude female fawning at his feet, so I suppose I’ll let it slide.

Needless to say, ’74 was very good year for macho-male fashions – here’s another…

October 1974 043

I can’t help but wonder at what the reaction would be to a fashion spread like this today.

October 1974 044

Lastly, let’s have a look at a 1974 “Fall-Winter Fashion Forecast”…

Fall_Winter FashionForecast (4)


Well, look who’s arrived – a 70s stud with feathered hair and a turtleneck.  The lady can barely contain herself.

Fall_Winter FashionForecast (2)

He checks his watch impatiently.  It’s been over an hour since this 70s stud has had sex; he grows restless.

Fall_Winter FashionForecast (3)


Time for a night on the town.  A houndstooth suit with wide-ass-hell tie and real fur trim – the perfect attire for a night of dancing, drinking and rails upon rails of cocaine.

Fall_Winter FashionForecast (1)

Well, it’s been a long day.  Time to relax with a good book.  The lady dutifully undresses and he… well, he just keeps being a 70s stud.

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