A Holiday Potpourri of 40 Classy to Wildly Irreverent Vintage Christmas Magazine Covers

Sure, we could have delivered a bunch of boring Christmas magazine back issues, but that’s no fun.  Instead, I’ve selected a stack of holiday editions which I found interesting – for their irreverence, nostalgia or just plain intangible awesomeness.  Enjoy…

Why is a topless girl on the cover of a ham radio operator’s magazine?  Think about the audience – I’m guessing 100 percent male.  The “73” means “best regards” in Morse/radio lingo.

A magazine specifically for “young homemakers” from 1950, featuring “gifts from $1 to $13,000” – wow, that’s quite a range.

A pretty damn graphic cover on this 1975 issue of Creepy, with Santa’s bag full of presumably human entrails.

“The Christmas People: Who they are – Where they go – That they give” – December 1970

For more adult holiday covers see: Have a Very Randy X-Mas: 50 Holiday Issues of Men’s Magazines (1940s-90s) NSFW

Gallery Special Holiday Issue – December 1977

Harlequin’s Woman – 1973

TRS-80 Microcomputer News – Dec. 1982

Who knew Santa was a game addict?

The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction – Jan 1962


Popular Mechanics – December 1966

MAD – January 1975

Noelle – 1976

Woman’s Day Christmas Ideas for Children – 1975

As impressive as their creations are, I can’t take my eyes off the boys’ dynamite polyester print shirts.

Easyriders – December 1988

Collier’s – December 13, 1952

This wholesome Collier’s cover is dangerously close to becoming an Art Frahm painting.  If you don’t know Art Frahm, have no fear – a post will be coming your way soon.

CREEPY – Feb. 1977

True Confessions – Dec. 1984

National Lampoon – Dec. 1977

Smash Hits – Jan 1979 – Cover feat. The Boomtown Rats

Hot Rod – December 1973

“Some assembly required”   I feel her pain.

CRAZY – 1976

Newsweek – Dec 27, 1976

This is a genuinely beautiful cover; sadly, I can’t see Newsweek ever daring to put something so classy on their holiday covers today.

Autosprint 1971

Mechanix-Illustrated-December 1955

New York, December 5, 1983

LAFF – Winter 1957

High Times – Dec 1979

I love how the “mistletoe” is actually a bunch of weed.  Compare this to the 1955 holiday issue of Redbook…

Redbook 1955

Playgirl – December 1974

Tit Bits – December 1954

Radio Control Modeler – Dec. 1979

Soho News – December 20-29, 1980

Radiolandia (Argentina) – Dec. 1971

Rogue – December 1956

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