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Beauty And The Beast: When Samantha Fox Met Lemmy (1983)

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In 1983, Samantha Fox met Ian Fraser “Lemmy” Kilmister (24 December 1945 – 28 December 2015). Fox was a topless ‘Page 3 Girl’ for Britain’s The Sun newspaper. Lemmy was lead singer of MOTÖRHEAD, formerly of Hawkwind, who wanted to make “fast and vicious, just like the MC5“.


Lemmy Kilmister Samantha Fox


In 2010 Samantha Fox recalled their meeting:

We met when I was 17. He read in the newspaper that before I was a model I was in a band and that I loved MOTÖRHEAD and AC/DC and VAN HALEN and KISS. He was quite surprised because my image at the time was very girly. I don’t think a lot of people realized I was into rock ‘n’ roll so much. He was a fan of my pictures. It’s so funny that he’s a fan of mine!

He came up to me at a charity event we were doing together. We started talking and he said we should do a song together…


Lemmy Kilmister Samantha Fox 2


I went to his house and walked into his living room. I couldn’t believe that his back wall was full of my pictures from newspapers and magazines. He said, “OK, let’s get some inspiration. What kind of song you want to do as a duet?” We started laughing about doing a heavy metal Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton. He wanted to put on some music for inspiration and I couldn’t believe he put ABBA on! Lemmy loves ABBA? He told me he gets a lot of his melody ideas from bands like ABBA. We wrote a song and called it Beauty and the Beast. It was fantastic. Unfortunately, Lemmy and MOTÖRHEAD got involved in a litigation with the record label and wasn’t able to release new music for about three or four years. We couldn’t release that track, which was a shame.


Lemmy Kilmister Samantha Fox 1


We became friends over the years. We always meet up for dinner if we pass while gigging around. He’s always been a mentor of mine since I’ve known him from such a young age. What can I say? Lemmy is one of the gods of rock music. He knows the ins and outs of the business and if I ever needed advice he’s always been there for me.

Unfortunately, my dad passed away 11 years ago I thought Lemmy would be great to give me away. It would be fantastic! He’s such a nice fella. He’s got a lot of character and lot of wisdom. I could sit and listen to his stories all day long.

Spotter: Blabbermouth

  • Nick25

    I imagine Mr. Lemmy is in a very bad, bad place right now.

    “What good is it for someone to gain the whole world, yet forfeit their soul?”

    Mark 8:36

    • Chris Mayer

      “Judge not, that ye be not judged. For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again.And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother’s eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye?”

      Matthew 7:1-3, King James Version

      • Nick25

        You are very correct, Chris. I hope he found his salvation before he died but I did not judge him, I know how difficult is would have been for him to find his way.

        • Spuddie

          You are full of shit. You very much were judging him. Claiming with the arrogant malicious certainty of a religious fanatic that Lemmy is going through eternal punishment because he probably did not share the same bullshit sectarian views as yourself.

          Your version of Christianity is worthless. Simply excuses to act like a raging douche with some measure of social sanction.

          “When you pray, do not be like the hypocrites who seek to be heard by all. when you pray, go into your room, close your door.”
          Matthew 6:5-6

          • Nick25

            Your post is ironic in that’s it’s filled with judgement and not only judgement but anger.

            It appeared Mr Lemmy had it all while he was on this earth. He had fame, women, talent and all that goes with it. But what appeared to be an envious life only bought him an eternity of torment if he wasn’t saved.

            One more thing– there was not “certainty” in my post. I IMAGINE that’s where he is based on his life here on this planet- I hope he’s not in hell– I want no one to go to hell, but life if full of choices.

          • Spuddie

            Of course one should be angry. Your post was passive aggressive malicious garbage designed to piss people off. If you didn’t expect an angry response, you are an idiot.

            It appears while you are on the earth, you are doing little but wagging your finger at dead celebrities sitting in smug condescending judgment of their lives. Well go fuck yourself. Your comments are just the way Christian assholes try to make themselves feel better than others.

            Feel better now?

            Feel like you are now superior to a dead rock legend?

            Now you can piss off. No need for you to hang around any longer. Your trolling is done.

          • Nick25

            Your not very good at seeing a point, are you?

            Your pseudo- intellectual atheistic rants will not do you any good when your near your last breath.

            I suspect there is little hope for you and that makes me truly sad. Thinking of anyone in eternal damnation is a heavy load for me, especially knowing salvation is so easy to attain.

            Listen, save your reply. I meant you no harm and my goal in this life is to save souls. Hopefully I did not further guarantee your lost soul because of your hatred for people of faith. Either way, enjoy your brief time on this planet because if you don’t change your going to be spending eternity with torment.

          • Spuddie

            Troll says what?

          • Taylor Lords

            I think the vulgar atrocities committed by your religion is enough to discredit and completely dismantle your feeble attempt at an argument single-handedly. Your religion openly preached anti-semitism until the 1950s, backed and supported Hitler during the war, preached that AIDs was a terrible thing, but that condoms were FAR WORSE, and not to use them (disgusting). The list goes on and on. Even your man-made Bible is littered with instances of genocide, gang-rape, child rape, thievery, etc. You must think that you are on a high mountain, looking down at us all. Unfortunately it’s the other way ’round. However….I must thank you on behalf of myself and the rest of the enlightened intellectuals for giving us a hearty chuckle. If religious nutters can be counted on for one thing, it’s GREAT entertainment value.

          • Nick25

            You confuse religiosity with Christianity.

            The Bible is the inerrant word of God. If you do not change, you’ll be spending time with Mr. Lemmy, David Bowie, Bon Scott, Pol Pott, Adolf Hitler, Bennito Mussolini, Joseph Salin, probably Barack Obama and all the other evil folks that have propagated evil.

            And no- “all my friends are going to be there too….” will not be a refrain you’ll be singing gleefully. You’ll be in torment FOREVER.

            Straighten up brother- Judgement is closer than you think.

            And save the mockery, It’s expected so do the unexpected and don’t reply :-).

          • Taylor Lords

            Pol Pott was raised a Buddhist and spent several years in a Catholic school. Adolf Hitler wanted himself deified via the Catholic Church, whom he used to spread antisemitism. He himself was quoted as saying “I believe one thing: there is a Lord God! And this Lord God creates the peoples.” He was a bonafide Christian, not an atheist. Moussolini was quite adamant about getting into bed with the Roman Catholic Church, and made no apologies for it. Joseph Stalin was raised a Christian, studied for the priesthood, and stepped (gladly, I might add) right into a man-made religious tyrannical climate constructed by the Russian Orthodox Church who are ALWAYS standing behind Russian politicians today, even as we speak. Stalin himself sought to supplant religious institutions with another carbon copy cutout that was a religion all its own: he took everything that the Church had designed (including messianism) and tried unsuccessfully to rebrand it as communism.

            Meanwhile…..I’m STRUGGLING to find any quote from the Vatican or any Pope that openly condemns the Rwandan Genocides, preached from the pulpits of one of (if not THE MOST) Catholic nation on the face of the Earth. While you’re at it, tell me where Cardinal Bernard Law is, please.

            Straighten up, indeed. The religious are inherently devoid common sense and the ability to think rationally (thank cognitive dissonance for that) but you’re thanked for reinforcing the truth that religion makes people say and do evil things, as you’ve just said. This unhealthy and disturbing obsession with judgment and destruction and widespread death is symptomatic of the inherent pretentiousness of the religious who all believe that THEY know what God is thinking, and have him on their side.

            I rest my (bulletproof) case. You’re face down on the floor in your own proverbial blood.

            Yes, you are. Swallow it.

          • Nick25

            Posting some rambling nonsense 2 months after the fact doesn’t bolster your idiotic conclusion.

            There is a spiritual world, we’re in the physical world for a very brief period of our existence. We are all going to be experiencing “somewhere” after this, and an eternity in torment is not my destiny. If you do not change, eternal torment will be your future. That is fact.

          • Taylor Lords

            Rambling nonsense to the religious, of course. Don’t flatter yourself, boy. You’re a passing distraction, at best. You’re free to prove this “fact” of eternal torment, however. I’m still waiting, in “fact.”

            In “fact,” haven’t I asked for “facts” several times, now? Where’s the proof? You already made an embarrassment of yourself by suggesting that Pol Pot, Hitler and Stalin were atheists (a colossally moronic failure that only the religious could pull off), only to get schooled by my superior knowledge and intellect on the subject so……where do you stand?

            “Factless.” 🙂

            You’re face down, again. Such is the one-two knockout of the superior secular, intellectual mindset. DRINK IT DOWN 🙂

    • Spuddie

      Well isn’t that just self-righteous, nasty minded and passive aggressive. Typical self-important fundie asshole.

      Your need to crap on a man whose talent was of some note, just after he passes on shows a lack of basic decency. There is nothing worthy of respect for your beliefs or yourself personally.

      • Nick25

        You’re an angry little man, aren’t you?

        • Spuddie

          Trolls tend to piss people off. So your mission was accomplished.

          • Nick25

            Your angry and very juvenile. That “troll” word is so idiotic.

            Have a blessed day 🙂

          • Spuddie

            But “troll” is so appropriate for your actions. Your post was so idiotic and malicious. You are a troll. Own it.

            “Have a blessed day”. That is up there with “I will pray for you” as Christianspeak for “Go fuck yourself” 🙂

            I will pray for you, too 😉

          • Nick25

            The “Have a blessed day” was a bit of a needle I must admit (call it trolling if you like), I’ll pay for that in the next life, but I couldn’t resist. You’re too easy!

            All kidding aside though, read your bible!

            Peace, brother!!!!!!! (and I really WILL pray for you—NOT a troll).

          • Spuddie

            Are we in Norway? I here there are trolls there.

          • Nick25

            I don’t know, I HEAR there are trolls there????!!?! Their, their now :-).


      The only part of your idiotic statement that is true “Reverend! you “Imagine” so get off your soapbox!! and no matter what Lemmy was THE MAN!!
      And you’ll never even come close!!

      • Nick25

        I’m just here to perpetuate truth. It’s up to you to accept of deny it. You can post your nasty comments too if you like, but you end up on the losing end of that interaction.

        My comments on Lemmy stands.

        Have a nice day.