Photographs of Staten Island’s Overlooked New Yorkers – 1983-84


“…one of the weirdest days I’ve ever spent…. Have you ever been to Staten Island, Leona?” – Ann Richards references the New York borough to describe her unsettling experiences to Barbara Stanwyck in Sorry, Wrong Number (1948)


bike boy


Staten Island – 1983 and 1984. Christine Osinski’s photographs give us insight into New York’s overlooked borough, the blue-collar heel to Manhattan’s white boot. She says:

“The people I photographed were all strangers to me. I mostly met them once and then never saw them again. There were a few children, though, that I photographed a few times. As I walked across Staten Island carrying my 4×5 camera, people seemed curious about the large camera. People seemed willing to be a part of the picture-taking process, to be recognised and recorded.”

People like to be noticed. When you notice the people who are so often ignored, the results can be captivating.

Staten Island New York 1984

homes dance forest view Family jacksons wheels stoopStaten Island New York 1984 Staten Island New York 1983 Staten Island New York 1984


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