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All posts from Paul Gorman

19th June '17 1 696

Rabble-rousing Caroline Coon, Eric The Tramp and the Oz obscenity trial

Photographer Joe Stevens has dug deep into his archive for these three gems from his time with the underground press in London in the early 70s.

13th June '17 0 281

'Nobody Is Going To Beat Me': King Cassius Clay Sings 'I Am The Greatest'

“I represent the Negro government. I’m a fifteen-million-dollar-a-year man and you’re nothing but a policeman."

12th June '17 0 1520

Chrissie Hynde and Kate Simon Wear Malcolm McLaren's Sex Pistols Smoking Boy Tees

The T-shirts worn by Simon and Hynde were among the first variants of a limited edition designed by Malcolm McLaren to promote the newly formed Sex Pistols.

31st May '17 0 668

Sukia - The Dream Machine (1997)

Sukia came out of Silverlake with a vaguely sinister vibe, a clutch-bag of odd samples and a whole other set of references, many from Mexican-American trash culture.

21st May '17 0 1084

Michael Hochong's "Life of Flamboyant Excess" In 1970s Knightsbridge

In the 1970s, the French/Hawaiian/Chinese exquisite ran the Knightsbridge restaurant Michael’s (opposite the more famous establishment run by another Michael, Mr Chow)

17th May '17 0 475

Vinyl: John Cooper Clark’s Innocents EP

Chance encounters with heroes can be tricky, but bumping into John Cooper Clarke outside the Festival Hall late one evening last week proved pleasurable beyond all expectation.

14th May '17 0 932

Postcards: Carnaby Street Over-Amped In 1966

This postcard’s over-amped application of colour contrasts deeply with the dowdiness of the buildings and the appearances of the inhabitants of the Swinging London über strasse on a summer’s day in 1966.

27th April '17 0 1395

Getting Out Of Your Skull At Soho's Sex And Bones Le Macabre Club

“When I started working as the Saturday boy at Let It Rock (in 1973), Malcolm McLaren used to take me around these strange places which played a part in early rock & roll. One time we went to Le Macabre."

21st April '17 1 1565

Sheila Rock Captures The Essence Of 1970s Menswear For Club International

To celebrate the work by photographer Sheila Rock, here is a selection of her early fashion styling.

18th April '17 0 2401

Exposé Punk Rock Sex: King Kong Ejaculates Over Fay Wray And McLaren's Mickey Mouse T-Shirts

Images of the novelty t-shirt designs détourned by the late Malcolm McLaren for sale in Seditionaries in 1978 are rare.