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All posts from Paul Gorman

21st February '17 0 147

Ramen-Scarfing ‘Straight Press’ Photographer Joe Stevens Fine Line Ad In Frendz, June 1971

I’m a fiend for line ads in print media; all human life is contained in the few words demanding the casual reader’s attention.

15th February '17 0 380

Malcolm McLaren’s Reading list: From Nik Cohn and Tom Wolfe to Voodoo, a Frederick’s Of Hollywood Catalogue and Wilhelm Reich

Asked why he lavished care and attention upon what was considered trivial, McLaren responded: “Somebody’s got to keep track of these things.”

8th February '17 1 798

Truth and Soul: The New York Dolls' Fashion Revival

I needed to tick Sylvain off my list of interviewees for the Malcolm McLaren biography, and am also intrigued by his return to fashion with the revival of Truth And Soul

25th January '17 0 733

When Bat Woman And Other Birds Outraged The Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea

'I painted the graphic ‘Bat Woman’ and decorated the shop interior with pop art murals which were deemed so outrageous at the time that we made a full page in the Evening Standard'...

16th January '17 0 788

Fabulousness: Kansai Yamamoto’s David Bowie-Influencing Catwalk Show (1971)

It was a spectacular coup de théâtre – Kansai’s models came on moving. They leapt, ran, whirled like dervishes, danced, flung out their arms so that the brilliant colours meshed and merged...

10th January '17 1 713

Vive Viva Hamnell! The Original Punk And Lollipop Lady

My first meeting with Viva Hamnell eight years ago was not untypical, I subsequently learnt.

4th January '17 0 880

David Parkinson’s Photographers Gallery Show (1971)

Eight Young Photographers was the third exhibition to be held at the newly-opened Photographers Gallery at its original premises in Great Newport Street in London’s West End.

1st January '17 0 426

Barney Bubbles' Letterheads for Riviera Global Record Productions

This company letterhead was designed by the late graphics master Barney Bubbles for music entrepreneur Jake Riviera during the latter’s tenure at 60 Parker Street

31st December '16 3 4571

Stevie Nicks' Superb Impromptu Performance At A Rolling Stone Photo-Shoot (1983)

I’m agnostic about Stevie Nicks (though I have been to The Night Of 1,0000 Stevies), but this is mesmerising.

24th December '16 1 1084

Paul Yule's Essential Photojournalism Reveals Famous Faces In A Different Light

Here are just a few examples of the riches presented by photojournalist/filmmaker Paul Yule’s highly recommended Instagram feed @paul_yule.