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All posts from Paul Gorman

23rd March '17 0 266

LA's Mister Freedom And Christophe Loiron's Scripted Styles

Schooled in Zaire, Frenchman Christophe Loiron has long been a resident of Los Angeles, where he opened his label and store Mister Freedom in the early 00s.

19th March '17 0 385

Austerity Measures: Seeing Canary Wharf Through A Kodak Box Brownie

The intriguing project from photographer Bradley Richards is Austerity Measures, a hand-bound and printed collection of observations taken in and around Canary Wharf

16th March '17 0 760

Hawkwind Under the Westway And The Greasy Truckers Connection

Friend, hero and photographer Joe Stevens sends me gems from his archive occasionally...

8th March '17 0 413

David Parkinson Shoots Acme Attractions For Club International (1975)

Some of the images I dug out of the Parkinson archive concerning the 70s King’s Road retro clothing store Acme Attractions.

27th February '17 0 1149

Brian Eno, Polly Eltes and Judy Nylon In A Rare 1974 Promo

This is the little-seen promo video for Brian Eno’s song China, My China (from 1974’s Taking Tiger Mountain [By Strategy]).

21st February '17 0 445

Ramen-Scarfing ‘Straight Press’ Photographer Joe Stevens Fine Line Ad In Frendz, June 1971

I’m a fiend for line ads in print media; all human life is contained in the few words demanding the casual reader’s attention.

15th February '17 0 453

Malcolm McLaren’s Reading list: From Nik Cohn and Tom Wolfe to Voodoo, a Frederick’s Of Hollywood Catalogue and Wilhelm Reich

Asked why he lavished care and attention upon what was considered trivial, McLaren responded: “Somebody’s got to keep track of these things.”

8th February '17 1 910

Truth and Soul: The New York Dolls' Fashion Revival

I needed to tick Sylvain off my list of interviewees for the Malcolm McLaren biography, and am also intrigued by his return to fashion with the revival of Truth And Soul

25th January '17 0 757

When Bat Woman And Other Birds Outraged The Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea

'I painted the graphic ‘Bat Woman’ and decorated the shop interior with pop art murals which were deemed so outrageous at the time that we made a full page in the Evening Standard'...

16th January '17 0 825

Fabulousness: Kansai Yamamoto’s David Bowie-Influencing Catwalk Show (1971)

It was a spectacular coup de théâtre – Kansai’s models came on moving. They leapt, ran, whirled like dervishes, danced, flung out their arms so that the brilliant colours meshed and merged...