Vintage Adverts: 1970 Landlubber Bellbottoms For Men Who Ride Sidesaddle

vintage advert
THIS vintage advert from 1970 is for Landlubber, hip-hugging bellbottoms that made your navel and buttocks stick out.
The advert tells us:
 “In real life, the guy’s hair would be matted down from the helmet. The chick would be your woman instead of a New York model. And you’d be eating exhaust from a bus instead of grooving in farout fields. However, the Landlubbers are real, and they are mildly but honestly transcendent.”
Yeah, dreary drawers fingering Jean-Claude’s bellbottoms is a pin-up well out of your league, chaps.
And he isn’t splaying his legs for no reason. He just regrets asking him mum to starch that ‘love sock’ he shoves into the gusset of those super slim-fits.  Jean-Claude was forced to ride side-saddle all the way home. Deirdre walked.