Soda Yesteryear: People & Their Soft Drinks (1960s-70s)

Once upon a time it was just a glass bottle or a can with pop-top.

We love our fizzy sugary beverages.  While today we drink from giant buckets of carbonated high-fructose corn syrup, once upon a time it was just a glass bottle or a can with a pop-top.  Here’s a random assortment of folks and their beloved soda pop, gathered from ads, found photos, newspapers, and other ephemera.  Enjoy.

A Coke frenzy, 1973

Enjoying Pepsi and Fritos at Frontierland at Disneyland., 1967

“Deposit 10 cents here”…. is she making a deposit?

“Pause for Living” was a regularly published booklet produced by Coca-Cola which featured recipes and Coke merchandise.  This is from the Winter 1961 edition.

Disco-era fashions featuring Coke (and probably coke as well).

Dr. Pepper-aholics.  Clearly, they have a problem they need to confront.

1970s Coke dealer (from a men’s magazine)

Nothing says “sexy” like posing next to a big vat of 7-Up

Patricia Paay partaking in an apple and 7-UP

Found photograph of a girl luring someone with a glass of Coke

Reedley College – Tiger Yearbook (Reedley, CA) – Class of 1974


A Playmate enjoys a bottle of Fanta

Texas 1970

The Supremes drink Coca-Cola

I enjoy a cold soft drink as much as anyone, but c’mon.

Schweppes 1967

Love is… never having to say you’re thirsty.