Sexy Sixties Sweater Sirens

vintage sweater girl

Here’s a look at 1960s DIY fashions featuring those lovely sweater girls.  No, they’re not high fashion models on Parisian runways – they’re modelling do-it-yourself sweaters in needlework pamphlets… but we love them all the same.

sweater vintage

They should have made the girl on the right stand on a box… or had the girl on the left sit down… something to even out the tallness and big hair.

Emile Bernat and Sons -- Copyright 1966 d

For more sweater models staring into the ether, see: What Are They Looking At? Vintage Sweater Models Staring At God-Knows-What

Fleisher's Sweater Book Vol 106 1961 a

Three happy homemakers in 1961


Is it just me, or do these two look too happy… maybe I’m just jaded.

sweaters vintage

Initially I felt sorry for these poor dogs… then, I caught the expression of the poodle on the right.  He’s lovin’ every minute of it.

sweaters vintage 2


sweater girls

281_vintage needlework (195)

sweater girls 2

086_1963 (16)

242_vintage needlework (80)


Girl on Right – What?  I don’t see it.  Huh? Where?

243_vintage needlework (78)

017_vintage needlework (68)

018_vintage needlework (67)

244_vintage needlework (77)


053_vintage needlework (11)

092_1963 (8)

093_1961 (5)

095_1961 (3)

106_vintage needlework (158)

142_1969 (4)

147_1963 (4)

148_1963 (3)

164_1964 (3)

169_1964 (4)

179_vintage needlework (16)

181_vintage needlework (37)

184_vintage needlework (22)

189_vintage needlework (6)

223_vintage needlework (91)

240_vintage needlework (84)

241_vintage needlework (82)

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