Selling Harvest-Gold Shag: Carpet Ads from the 1960s-1970s


Ah.  Floor covering ads are the best.  Stare in nostalgic wonder at the often tacky, but always brilliant carpet styles from yesteryear.  Granted, most vintage carpet ads just feature a woman fawning over her flooring, but is that so bad? Let’s take a look at some great examples from around the world in the 1960s and 70s. Enjoy.


That is one hip pad!  This advertisement from 1969 features a room I’d be more than happy to live in today.

1969 carpet ad 2

Another ad from ’69: “The Smiths chose Seabright in Jade…”.  I love how Mrs. Smith’s wardrobe matches the room… and those funky stockings!

The ad also reads: “Barry Smith is an up-and-coming wood products salesman at around $10,000 a year.”  That’s equivalent to approximately $69,000 today.  What’s interesting is that Bigelo had been running this same ad campaign featuring the male breadwinner’s salary for years prior….

Woman's Day Magazine - April 1965

This Bigelow ad is from 1965. Mr. Poole’s salary, adjusted for inflation, is just slightly less than Mr. Smith’s (at $66,700).

1968 carpet advert

From 1969, this Harlon “Indoor/Outdoor Carpet” ad says their carpet is “hobbyproof”.  But is it idiot-proof?  What kind of moron empties flower pots on the living room carpet?

vintage carpet rug ad

Earth tones were definitely “in” in the 1970s.  This lady is enjoying a good book curled up by the fire… correction – curled up by a swatch of autumnal carpet.

087_Peruvian carpet ad

This Peruvian carpet ad has me reaching for my checkbook.  Sold.

1967 carpet tiles

1967 carpet tiles

House & Garden (Nov 1973) (15)

From 1973: The lady’s reflection in the mirror – I can’t decide if it’s seductive or a little creepy.

crochet rug vintage ad

Kleenex boxes offered these crochet rug kits back in the 1970s for about $10 with proof of purchase.  Supposedly they were worth $20, but it still sounds like a crummy “giveaway” to me.  Kleenex was apparently a stingy and miserly company back then.

vintage carpet advertisement

Lee carpets takes to slamming grandma’s old shitty styles in favor of the new chic Boomer styles like this “Body Shag” with “colors splattered on like an abstract painting”.

carpet advert vintage

Another Lees carpet ad featuring their wild and wonderful color selection, including: Circus Red, Black Star, Lime Touch, Golden Fig, Jade Crystal and Solar Glow.

rug advert vintage

Check out the Herb Alpert record on the shelf.  Nice.

Publicité Advertising 1968 (2 pages) Le Revetement de sol Sommer

Another Sommer carpet ad (from 1968), again featuring a badass living room, complete with fawning French bird.

Publicité Advertising 1970 Les Moquettes Steiner

More French women fondling the weave.


A couple Heirloom ads from 1968 editions of The Australian Women’s Weekly


We’ll end with a couple rug ads from possibly Croatia or Serbia.  (Any guesses?) Wherever they’re from, the song remains the same no matter the country – the ladies love their floor coverings.

vintage carpet and rug ad

croatian bosnian vintage ad

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