Miss Great Britain 1971: Carolyn Moore Wonders How ‘Kingly Old Santa WIll Enter Her Home’

REGULAR Anorak readers will know that we are always on the look out for interesting glamour model photos, ones featuring pouting lovelies is ridiculous situations, such as hiding behind packets of peanuts, selling chips, eating Hot Buffalo Wings, working the margarine, sexing up car parts, eroticising propane, and doing wonders for central heating.

In this photo from December 14, 1971,  Carolyn Moore, the current Miss Great Britain, of Nantwich is (and this the Press Association blurb) “wearing a bikini to greet Santa Claus… she wonders how the kindly old gentleman will enter her home. The fireplace is blocked by a gas fire. At Least Carolyn won’t be catching a cold.”

Cop a load of that fire place.

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