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All posts from John Kenneth Muir

27th November '16 0 966

It Pushes You to Your Limit: Remembering Computer Perfection (1979)

Lakeside's Electronic Perfection was billed in 1979 as "the ultimate playmate" and the same advertising noted that the game “pushes you to your limit.”

8th November '16 1 817

Program Your Future: Remembering Coleco’s Adam Computer (1983)

The year 1983 was not a good one for video games or computer systems.

31st October '16 0 695

They’re Not What They Appear to Be: Remembering LJN’s Enemy Visitor Action Figure (1984)

Back in 1983 Kenneth Johnson's science fiction mini-series V was event television - and everybody was buzzing about the scene in which the leader of the alien Visitors, Diana (Jane Badler) devoured a gerbil

20th October '16 0 731

He’s the Bat You’ll Love to Hate: Remembering Mattel’s Gre-gory (1980)

This toy bat was made of reddish-brown, soft vinyl, and intended for kids aged seven and up. And Gre-gory could be all yours for under $12.00 dollars.

10th October '16 1 970

This Could Be Your Head! The Shrunken Head Apple Sculpture Kit (1975)

In 1975, Whiting (a Milton Bradley Company) released The Shrunken Head Apple Sculpture Kit, and had the good sense to have horror icon Vincent Price advertise it. The Shrunken Head kit was called a "craft for the whole family."

6th October '16 0 517

Take it Anywhere: Remembering Blip, The Digital Game (Tomy, 1977)

Here’s another crazy artefact from the 1970s, a handheld game console from Tomy called, simply “Blip.”

30th September '16 1 987

25th Century Toys, Circa 1979: Remembering Buck Rogers Collectibles

Thirty-seven years ago this week, Buck Rogers in the 25th Century (1979-1981) aired for the first time on NBC TV. Although the series only ran for two seasons, it left an indelible impact on the Star Wars (1977) generation.

22nd September '16 0 682

The Classic World Domination Game: Celebrating RISK (Parker Brothers)

In 1959, Parker Brothers licensed from creator Albert Lamorisse (1922-1970) a game called “Conquest of the World.”

16th September '16 2 884

American Heritage: The War Games of The 1960s Generation (from Milton Bradley)

In 1961, American Heritage Magazine and toy-maker Milton Bradley teamed up to release a series of memorable “American Heritage” war games. ...

13th September '16 2 903

Captain on the (Plastic) Bridge: Remembering the First Fifty Years of Star Trek Bridge Playsets and Models