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All posts from Ed Barrett

5th April '17 0 934

Growing Up In A South London Prefab In The 1950s and 1960s

I met brother and sister Alan Brine and Rosemary Roffey (born Brine) in Spring 2014 when we opened the Prefab Museum in a uni-seco prefab on the Excalibur Estate in Catford.

16th December '16 0 1092

What Really Happened At The Grunwick Film Processing Laboratory In 1976

Forty years ago, the Grunwick Film Processing Laboratory became one of the most famous landmarks in Britain.

11th November '15 0 2399

Vintage Photos Of Midget Wrestling (1960s - 1970s)

Who'd be a Midget Wrestler during the 1960s and 1970s?

26th May '15 1 1007

What A Crazy World: A Classic Slice of Nostalgia From The Early Days of British Pop

If the first Beatles film A Hard Day’s Night hadn’t exploded on the cinema screens in 1964, then What A Crazy World might nowadays be cherished as a classic slice of nostalgia from the early days of the British pop scene, with its cheery tunes and cheeky working-class comedy.

28th April '15 0 415

In British Politics Football Is A Game of Own-Goals

David Cameron is the latest (but probably not the last) politician to learn that football, when used as a political football, can result in an own goal.

7th April '15 1 1475

Stardust and David Essex Changed My Life: The Rise and Fall of Jim Maclean

"There was an identity crisis going on," said David Essex of his second movie, Stardust. "Things in the film were happening to me in real life." This was no empty hyperbole. In 1974, Essex took his pop career to the next level, with a smash hit album and his first British number one, the aptly named Gonna Make You A Star.

30th March '15 0 921

Beat Meets Meat: The Dave Clark Five’s Wildish Weekend

Once upon a time – half a century ago, back in the Swinging Sixties, to be precise – a showbiz phenomenon from England was taking America by storm. A bunch of working-class lads so popular that they had a musical movement named after them. Hell, they even had their own feature film.

21st March '15 1 1569

London Tank Protests: Top Gear Terror And Other Sights To Gladden The Heart

When angry Top Gear fans besieged the BBC and delivered a million-signature petition to have their leader reinstated, the Clarksonites commandeered a tank for the purpose. (Assuming, that is, that they did not already possess one for such activities.)..

16th March '15 1 2304

Sounds of the Sixtwees: The Men Who Missed The Psychedelic Boat

1967, the year of the so-called ‘Summer of Love’ of 1967 brought forth some of the greatest pop music ever produced – notably the various strains of ‘psychedelic ‘ sounds emanating primarily from California and London....

11th March '15 0 2699

A history of Manchester United banners

Banner from heaven: a look back at Manchester United’s flagging fortunes...