Vinyl Clones: Album Cover Look-Alikes (Part 3)

It’s amazing how similar certain album covers are to each other; some intentionally, some by chance.  We’ve covered this subject before (Part 1, and Part 2: the cheesecake edition); however, there’s some gold still left to mine.  Let’s have one more look…


vinyl two of a kind (2)

It’s recently come out about how much Dylan “borrowed” from other sources.  Looks like he borrowed more than lyrics; the Dylan record is from 1975, the John Phillips record is from 1970.


vinyl two of a kind 20

Len Novy – No Explanations (1969)

Reba McEntire – Out of a Dream (1979)

I love how Reba resurrects this a full ten years after Mr. Novy.


vinyl two of a kind

City Boy – Young Men Gone West (1977)

Captain & Tennille – Dream (1978)


vinyl two of a kind 3

Three of these albums were released in 1970, the Steeleye Span from ’71.  Apparently, it was a “thing” at the start of the decade to look old timey.


vinyl two of a kind 4

In the 1960s, the fisheye effect was officially “in”.  The Byrds record from ’65, the Hendrix record from ’67.


vinyl two of a kind 5

Modern Romance – Trick of the Light (1983)

The John Hall Band – All of the Above (1981)


vinyl two of a kind 8

4 out of 5 Doctors – 2nd Opinion (1984)

Rainbow – Difficult to Cure (1985)

Don’t remember the band 4 out of 5 Doctors? Then you perhaps missed our article on Unspeakably Awful Songs of 1980s Horror Cinema.  They are the concert band in The House on Sorority Row (1983).


vinyl two of a kind 7

The Stranglers – Dreamtime (1987)

Heaven 17- Sunset Now (1984)

If you’ve seen the Echo & the Bunnymen Heaven Up Here (1981)cover, then the two covers above should look very familiar.  Of course, the Bunnymen cover looks a lot like The Mind Garage’s self-titled record from 1969.  It would be interesting to trace each of these cover clones back their original vinyl originator.


vinyl two of a kind 9

The Hounds – Puttin’ on the Dog (1975)

Bachman Turner Overdrive – Rock n’ Roll Nights (1979)


vinyl two of a kind 10

Wishbone Ash – There’s the Rub (1974)

Accept – Balls to the Wall (1984)


vinyl two of a kind 11

Pete Rugolo – Music for Hi-Fi Bugs (1956)

Syd Barrett – Barrett (1970)


vinyl two of a kind 12

Swinging Soul Machine – Through the Eye (1969)

The Greatest Show on Earth – Horizons (1970)


vinyl two of a kind 13

Lennon’s record is from 1984 (the first posthumous release of previously-unreleased material by Lennon). McCartney’s record from a couple years later looks very familiar. Coincidence?

vinyl two of a kind 14

Herbie Mann –Super Mann (1979)

Rafael P. Sarmiento  – Vol. 2


vinyl two of a kind 15

Beauregard, Violletti & Ste-Claire – En Plein Orgasme (1975)

Wild Cherry – Wild Cherry (1976)


vinyl two of a kind 16

Burning Spear – Man in the Hills (1976)

Jimmy Cliff – Give Thankx (1978)


vinyl two of a kind 17

Al Wilson – Searching for the Dolphins (1968)

Jimmy Ruffin – Sunrise (1980)

vinyl two of a kind 18

Streisand Kristofferson – A Star Is Born (1976)

Richard Torrance – Bareback (1977)

…and we could go on all day, but we’ll exercise a little restraint and save them for the next round.  Cheers!

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