Never Meet Your Heroes: In 1984 A Teenaged Fan Met ‘Poofy’ Duran Duran And Came Away Unimpressed

ON January 19, 1984, 16-year-old Tracy Nolan met top pop act Duran Duran. Smash Hits magazine was there to record the “Special Night Out”.


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Things we learn:

Le Bon

“He [Simon Le Bon]  was expecting me to like him but I didn’t like him so much because he was expecting me to like him. He’s big -headed. He had a pack of fags in his hand he was trying to  hide them when the photos were being taken.”


Nick Rhodes

“…always looks like he wears more make-up than anyone else in the band – plastered with the stuff – but he isn’t. I expected him to be poofy but he wasn’t. H was just smart.”


Andy Taylor

“He looked so small and feminine…His Birmingham accent shocked me…”


Roger Taylor

“…really quiet…. He;s so perfect. Not a hair out of place…A lot of my frirnds like him but I think if they met him they wouldn’t any more.”


John Taylor

“…really friendly. At the photos he said ‘This is the bit I’ve been waiting for because now I’ve got you to myself'”


Is she still a fan now they she’s met her heroes (always a mistake):

“I think only the real fans are with Duran Duran now. A lot left them when they went to Australia. They were away far too long. They didn’t have a record out for months. Many fans went to Wham! and Paul Young.”

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