Montgomery Ward Fall-Winter Catalogue 1978: Men’s Casual Fashion

Montgomery Ward catalogue retro 1970s
Remember the guy that was supposed to be the new heartthrob on Welcome Back, Kotter – Beau De LaBarre (Stephen Shortridge)? He’s in here. Also in here are lots of tight fittin’ clothes, awkward stares, velour turtlenecks and feathered hair. Let’s take a look…
Montgomery Ward 1


I apologize – some of these images weren’t scanned particularly well. Just let the 70s-ness wash over you; you’ll forget about the wrinkles and glares soon enough.


Montgomery Ward 2


Yeah, I know. Montgomery Ward wasn’t exactly at the cutting edge of fashion. It was more where your mom got your school clothes, rather than your cool and style headquarters.

I can make fun of Montgomery Ward – I worked there from 1988-1989.


Montgomery Ward 3

Why are the two dudes in (B) admiring slides in their pajamas? Why is the guy in (D) going over his notes with an air of authority whilst wearing tight-fitting PJs? And where are the two fellas in (F) headed? Is this the gayest conga line you’ve ever seen?

It’s probably best not to ask too many questions.


Montgomery Ward 4


“Put the magazine down, Randy. Time for bed.” (insert “bow chicka wow-wow” soundtrack here)


Montgomery Ward 5


Ahhh, yeeeah. Mark’s got the velour jacket over the turtleneck, while Vic is sporting a three-piece leisure suit. These guys are ready for action.


Montgomery Ward 6


I always wonder, what could these models be looking at so high above the horizon line? A sunset, a rare bird, a spacecraft?


Montgomery Ward 7


(A) – “Do I make you horny, baby?”

Actually, I believe that’s Douglas Barr ( ‘Howie Munson’ from “The Fall Guy” (1981-1986)). He’s in a few of these others as well.


Montgomery Ward 8


Have you noticed there’s an awful lot of wood paneling? Was this catalog photographed in someone’s rec room?



Montgomery Ward 9


(B) – “I am ze locksmith of love, no?”


Montgomery Ward 10

Montgomery Ward 11

Montgomery Ward catalogue retro 1970s

Montgomery Ward catalogue retro 1970s


Prepare yourself for total turtleneck saturation…


Montgomery Ward 14 Montgomery Ward catalogue retro 1970s Montgomery Ward catalogue retro 1970s Montgomery Ward 17 Montgomery Ward 18 Montgomery Ward 19


Now these are some cool duds. Just compliment it with some nut-hugging slacks and some gaudy jewelry, and you’re ready for a night of cocaine & casual sex. Viva la 70s!


Montgomery Ward 20


Montgomery Ward 21 Montgomery Ward 22 Montgomery Ward 23


This one is my favorite of them all. This dude on the left (E) only appears in this one panel, as far as I can tell… but, God, I wish there were more of him. His awkwardness, lack of fashion sense, and overall anti-male-catalog-model appearance has me begging for more.

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