Hammond Fever! Vintage Sexy Hammond Organ Album Covers

The electric organ came about in the 1930s; a few decades later, it found favor with Mad Men era bachelors and their swingin’ cocktail hour music… or just grocery store background music.  Later in the decade, the Hammond found its way into rock bands and earned a few “cool points”.  But by the 1970s, Hammond sales and popularity were sinking.

Yet, there were still plenty of Hammond LP’s being sold (in Europe in particular), with each album cover, almost without exception, delivering cheesecake.  After all, which album are you going to buy, the one featuring a girl in a bikini, or the one with the overweight organist on the cover?  No need to answer that.  Let’s have a look at some fine examples….

And finally, the Sgt. Pepper of Hammond covers – Franz Lambert’s King of Hammond…

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