Found Photos: A Collection of Odd Photographic Finds

scary vintage clown

There’s something about an old photograph with no context – no text, no background information, nothing.  It’s just a lonely snapshot from a time long ago.  They can be a tad curious and even horrifying .  Take for instance this nightmarish clown bottle feeding baby lions…. what in the ever-lovin’ hell?  It’s intriguing, but also a bit unsettling – and that’s the way I like my found photos.  Let’s take a look at some more odd moments in time…


ventriloquist dummy scare vintage

I don’t know what’s scarier here, the dummy’s cold dead eyes, or the obviously mental ventriloquist.  I’m guessing dates with this gal always ended the same way – with the man running away for dear life.


dino jaw

There’s just something a little weird about finding an old photograph of a smiling woman holding a massive jawbone with absolutely no context.   Anyone want to hazard a guess as to what type of beast that was?

Perhaps it belonged to the “perv lizard” below…

perv lizard

The way this creature is licking its lips and rubbing himself (even fingering his pocket), I’d say this woman has something to worry about.  Run while you still can!


vintage stage show creepy

What sort of unholy performance is going on here?  This looks like it takes place in a David Lynch film.


vintage party

Of course, sometimes old photographs aren’t creepy, just intriguing.  For instance, what are the two fella’s in the background thinking?  They look so appalled and disapproving.  Can we assume this couple will regret their drunken shenanigans in the morning?



(shiver) This is flat-out haunting.  The mannequins among the sliced beets and “clown box” are the stuff nightmares are made of.


found photo

Imagine entering this darkened cellar and finding these two ghostly skaters.   I’d love to know the backstory to this creepy little scene…. and take note of the figure standing alone in the darkness.


vintage celebration

Dear God, somebody explain this picture to me so I can finally have closure and die in peace.  Why-oh-why is there a grown man on his knees screaming in ecstasy at the sight of this child?  Some seem unimpressed, some seem in absolute awe.  Is this some sort of cult?


wedding grocery store

Why are these newlyweds buying shredded wheat and a jar of Romano cheese?  Why is there a lone can of Chef-Boyardee by her feet?  Is that a bag of lawn fertilizer in their cart?  So many questions, so little answers.

That’s what you get when you have old photographs with no identifiable context – more questions than answers.  Such as, why is this bunny taking an oath?

bunny oath

For more bunny madness read: Celebs and Common Folk Among Playboy Bunnies: 30 Vintage Photos.   You can thank me later.


vintage found photograph

And here we have a family gathering round a stack of gloves near a freeway overpass.  Nothing peculiar going on here, right?

Nothing peculiar going on here either….

strange happenings

Nothing weird here either….

49_hypnotized by the star

It’s times like this where you really appreciate the often taken-for-granted photo caption.   Context and explanation can make a picture like the one above go from bizarre to perfectly normal.  Such is the danger of the “found photo”.


strange party

Is it safe to assume the man on the floor was never seen or heard of again?


cold war atom children

The kids aren’t smiling… just staring in judgement of mankind.   You… and the atom… and the annihilation of the human race.

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