Donny And Marie Osmond Go Cow Milking On Skis – A 1977 Colouring Book

IN 1977, Donny and Marie Osmond were huge. Thanks to this colouring book you could share their adventures.

donny marie


donny marie 2


Donny & Marie are taking a trip.

donny marie 3



Lord Lucan?

donny marie 4



Of Course it is.

donny marie 5



There’s a funny story about the hole in the sock. Donny will tell it another time.


donny marie 7

donny marie 8



At the airport…



donny marie 9



Is this a row?

donny marie 10


No. It’s a lesson.

donny marie 11



Is there a doctor on board? Donny is listening to the pulse up his sleeve. It helps him to relax. Right now he is thinking of how he could have killed Marie at the airport for that ticket stunt. But he didn’t. And that’s good. He’s getting his anger under control, finally.

donny marie 12


Donny has landed.

donny marie 13



Hello and Adios.

donny marie 14



How did you get the job, Marie?

donny marie 15


Donny is thirsty. He goes to the tap.

donny marie 16



donny marie 17



Good clean, wholesome fun.

donny marie 18


All those what?

donny marie 19


All those ice-creams.

donny marie 20


Later that night…Donny got the lollies in.

donny marie 21


And pulled.

donny marie 22




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