Classic Toys: The 1960s Swing Wing Mars Communicator And Neck Muscle Developizer

swing wing

DID you have a Swing Wing in the 1960s? Did you dream of rotating your head so hard that you’d take off like a space boy? Did you develop chronic neck ache in later life? Is your next three times wider than your face? Then you DID have a Swing Wing.

Swing Wing was made by Transogram Games, best known, perhaps, for its Tiddley Wink games, like this Tennis Game below. It was like table-tennis, albeit with a squashed ball attached to the net by string.

Wink Tennis, Transogram

It’s toys were terrrr-rific:

But the Swing Wing was way cooler. It was fan-tastic. Mainly, because it turned you into a human fan. If you caught it just right, you could take your little bother’s eyes out. Cool:


swing wing box


What you waitin’ for? It’s the Swing Wing Sixties: