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The Trippy Varna Restaurant In Århus, Denmark, by Verner Panton (1971)

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Ever visit the Varna Restaurant, aka the Varna Palace or Varna Palæet, in Århus, Denmark, back in 1971? If you did, chances are that you remember the experience. Designed by Verner Panton (1926-1998), the eating room was a trippy riot of violet. Panton is best known for his sleek, single-unit plastic chair with no legs – the S-shaped stackable Panton Chair epitomises 1960s design. You can see the chair in the pictures below.

The restaurant opened on May 1, 1971:


varna restaurant 1971


varna restaurant 1971 8


varna restaurant 1971 5

varna restaurant 1971 4

varna restaurant 1971 3

varna restaurant 1971 2



panton dfsda

Via: Yellow Trace