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The Tacky Splendor of Sleazy Disco Fashion Catalogs

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disco fashion catalog (6)

Don’t have anything to wear for a night of cocaine snorting and disco dancing? These tacky catalog pages from the late 70s/early 80s have just what you’re looking for.


disco fashion catalog (2)

Yes, it’s very likely the ladies working the street corners will be wearing the same dress. That will cause a little embarrassment; but you will be the Disco Queen for an evening, and those are the risks one takes.


disco fashion catalog (8)

Choose from a wide selection of trashy, sleazy, tacky or slutty. We have the outfit to meet your varied tastes.


disco fashion catalog (13)

You’ll be the center of attraction in this ravishing one piece, styled in sleek shiny acetate nylon, plunge halter neck and back with gorgeous frills, fitted at waist and thigh with lavish flare from the knee. Price £10.90


disco fashion catalog (5)

disco fashion catalog (4)

15A (left) “A fabulous jumpsuit made in sexy tri-lobal satin with matching gold stripped chiffon jacket that can be worn day or night.” £26.95
15C (second from left): “An unusual sexy evening dress made in sexy clinging banlon that fits like a second skin.” £19.90


disco fashion catalog (10)

F92 (left) “Be a jungle girl in the Purr-fect Catsuit.” £19.95
F93 (right) “A jungle dress, something special with halter neck, thigh high split, brings out the animal in you.” £21.00
Don’t think you’ll have the opportunity to dress in jungle wear? Think again. This is 1979. The dance floors are filled with Disco Dollies in outfits that make this look tame.


disco fashion catalog (15)

F7a (left): “Gorgeous soft banlon jumpsuit designed for those sexy evenings and ideal to wear at parties.” £21.00
F70 (center): “Be different in this new seductive dress in soft banlon, unusual hankerchief (sp) design is what makes this dress different.” £23.95


disco fashion catalog (14)

Want to look elegant while still maintaining that 70s standard of tackiness? Want that sophisticated look, but don’t want to compromise your lack of good taste? Our dresses will ensure you don’t stand out in a crowd by looking tasteful.


disco fashion catalog (9)

Introducing our “Dress of the Year”.

Okay, it’s not really a dress per se. More like strings hanging off your waist, but let’s not get into semantics.


disco fashion catalog (1)

It’s 1984 and disco is over. Suddenly, it looks like there’s a lot less opportunity to look sleazy in public. What to do?
Answer: Just because they’re not playing the Bee-Gees doesn’t mean there’s not debauchery to be had at your local nightclub. Cocaine use has never been higher – so, you’re in luck! (But be careful of powder burn.)


disco fashion catalog (11)

This isn’t your mother’s prom dress. Actually, this isn’t anybody’s prom dress… in fact, this will get you ejected from prom and possibly arrested.


disco fashion catalog (12)

Thus ends our tour through the glamorous night life fashions from three decades ago. I know I’ve been snarky, but deep down I love these clothes. They were having fun back then; who am I to cast a condescending smirk? If everyone dressed like this today, the world would be a tackier place, but a happier place.

  • Realist

    What is your problem ??? They are all hot…AND…unfortunately today, the sex is a lot more risky that the cigaret afterward…..

    • Agree 100% – these are all yum. As far as my problem – take a minute to read what I wrote at the end.

      • Realist

        I stand corrected…..PS ….In the early 70’s….although I loathed disco….I did have a Joey Heatherton lookalike girlfriend who would appear at the door looking like this every Friday when I got home from work……….something I looked forward to all day and couldn’t wait to get home !

  • I had a dream once about a woman dressed like the woman on the far right in the third photo wearing the “327- zip down.” She was dancing to “Mony Mony” by Billy Idol.

    • I had the same dream, except the song was “The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald” by Gordon Lightfoot. I think your dream was better.

  • Liz Cooper

    I am trying to imagine how these clothes would look on real women, not models striking bizarre contorted positions. I admit that I do not find the picture appealing. Also, the brunette model in the second ad is scary! She looks mean and mad, plus she has strange gray patches around her mouth that I suspect are mounds of makeup, covering either a mustache or open sores.

    • Yecch. The closer I look, the more she looks like Keith Richards. Sleazy getups like these are great, but you’re right – some of these ladies weren’t meant to be seen in daylight.

  • bizarrospock

    I can just see some of these women rushing out the butt of their More Cigarette with their stiletto heel while some hapless shmuck scrambles to get away…