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Imagination Makes It Fly: Fisher Price’s Alpha Probe (1980)

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Here’s another great spaceship toy from my childhood. I was just ten years old when Fisher Price released this giant plastic Alpha Probe toy as part of its Adventure People toy line.

As you can see from the illustrations accompanying this post, the Alpha Probe is a space shuttle-like craft with opening and closing cargo bay doors, and a space tether by which to connect the action figure astronaut.  The cockpit seats slide out so that an action figure can pilot the ship.




The copy for the Alpha Probe advertisement notes that this “sleek new spaceship comes fully equipped with special things like three unique electronic buttons.”

Those buttons — located on one wing — make such sounds as “roaring” take-off, “danger alert,” and space signals.




Inside the Alpha Probe cargo bay one can find a rocket recon sled, and as the ads suggested, “imagination makes” this toy “fly.”

In addition to the astronaut, Fisher Price manufactured several Adventure People action figures to experience missions alongside the astronaut.  There were, for instance, two green-skinned beings of a translucent, semi-cyborg-ish nature.

One of my cousins got this toy before me back in 1980, and I was jealous, in part because of the sheer size of the toy.  The probe was an absolute Goliath.

Fortunately, I got my hands on one soon after, and took it out of mothballs a few years ago so I could play with it with my son.



  • Mack Bonham

    I enjoyed the Alpha Probe as a child but, alas, mine was repeatedly blown from the sky by Darth Vader’s Tie Fighter.

  • Jason Shepherd

    I was overjoyed when I got mine… then horrified when my little sister “accidentally” dropped it in a bathtub full of water, the same day that I got it.

  • Steven Lowell

    Oh my God! I loved this! Last many years too! Durable as all hell!

  • Cee

    Did every kid in these ads come with a bowl haircut ?

  • AdmNaismith

    Looks like someone is trying to horn in on the merchandising for ‘Space:1999’.
    Those Moonbase Alpha Eagles were awesome, this is too.

    This is a rare spaceship toy that wasn’t directly tied to a tv show or movie.
    Apart from Lego, few toy makers made spaceships, although apart from various real & imagined shuttles, their output now is all Star Wars related.