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1974: A Cardiff City Fan In A Metal Helmet Prepares For A Manchester United Attack

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Soccer - Football League Division Two - Cardiff City v Manchester United - Ninian Park


EVERY so often we come across a photograph that makes us stop and wonder.

It’s August 31 1974. Cardiff City are hosting Manchester United in the Second Division.

The original caption tells us:

A Cardiff City fan, ready for a possible onslaught of missiles from the notorious travelling Manchester United support

Was he over-reacting? Maybe not

PS – Anyone know what hat he’s wearing?

Ref #: PA.4344226.

  • Rc Teets

    He is wearing an Air Raid Warden’s helmet from WW II. Their uniform consisted of overalls, an armlet and a steel helmet with ARP or A written across the helmet. ARP stood for Air Raid Precautions.

    • Anoraks

      Does that helmet make him more of a target?

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