Youthful Romances: Awful Cure-All Adverts From The 1953 Comic Book Of Love

YOUTHFUL Romances, formerly Youthful LOVE Romances, was a 1950s comic book. Published by St Louis Missouri’s Ribage Publishing Corporation, with executive offices in New York City, the comic book offered a look at love in full colour 2D for just 10 cents.

Covers told their own story:


youthful romances



The coversoften featured real-life objects of desire, in this instance crooner Tony Bennett:


cover 2



There was drama and mental turmoil on every page.


youthful romances 2



But better than the stories were the adverts. Let’s take a look.

The Mum-E-Lift would ensure that you never breathed out again. Hollywood stars didn’t, so why should you?


youthful romances 7



FAT equals unhappy. SLIM equal happy. And by eating just two tablets a day, you fay girls will get slim, perhaps dangerously so.


youthful romances 8



Pawned her rings? Never fear. You can buy a replica. She’ll never know.


youthful romances 9





youthful romances 10




“Supported “By Diverse Medical Opinions”.


youthful romances 11



She takes it off. You guys put it on.


youthful romances 12



Mahoosive knickers model’s own.


youthful romances 13



Learn to Dance in 5 Days. Learn To Dance Well in 23 Years.


youthful romances 14



Did SLIM tuen to SKINNY? Never fear. You can bulk up again.


youthful romances 15



And now something for younger siblings who picked up big sister’s comic book of love.


youthful romances 16




Control “BULGE”.

youthful romances 17



In 5 Days you will be able to walk two steps forward and one step to the left. GUARANTEED!


youthful romances 18



No date? No fear. Stamps:


youthful romances 19



The Blackhead Twins never got their own cartoon show.


youthful romances 20



Remember those super tight fat-reducing knickers? Well, they can also hold your hernia in.


youthful romances 21




Available in Black, Navy and go-ahead BROWN.


youthful romances 22




Are those hair-eating microbes learning to dace on your head?


youthful romances 23



FAT IS UGLY! FAT IS UGLY! (Unelss it’s glamour fat, then Phwoar!)


youthful romances 24



Beasause exhaling is for losers.


youthful romances 25



Guys go wild for Chopsticks.


youthful romances 26





youthful romances 27



The 10-day free trial is up. What d’yer mean the watch says you’ve only had it for 8 days?


youthful romances 28




No-one laughs are Brian any more.


youthful romances 29




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