To Love a Mannequin: A Troubling Christian Dior Advert from 1969


This 1969 French advertisement for Gaines Et Gorges (a lingerie brand from Christian Dior) features a gentleman so enamored by the mannequin that he takes it home with him… presumably to use as a love-doll and perform unspeakable acts upon.

The text reads as follows:

C’est arrivè ce matin il passait et il a ètè tellement sèduit qu’il l’a envlevèe. Mais à quoi tiennent les emballements des hommes? Toujours la mème chose: cherchez la pomme.

With my poor French translation, it roughly means: One morning a guy was so seduced that he kidnapped the store mannequin.


Qui l’eut cru? Lui, un homme si sèrieux! Il a failli casser la porte et il est parti comme un fou: le coup de foudre! un coup de foudre pour quoi? cherchez la pomme!

My poor translation: “Who would’ve believed that? Him, a man so serious! He nearly broke the door and left like a madman: the thunderbolt! A thunderbolt for what? Look for the apple!”  (Those who speak French, please provide a better translation in the comments).

Basically, he is so overcome with lust for the store mannequin, that he steals it, and is out of there like a madman.  “For what purpose?” asks the narrator.  I think it best not to speculate.

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