The Playboy Club Bunny Manual 1968-69

The Playboy Club Bunny Manual 1968-69 – transcribed. 


The Playboy Club Bunny Manual 1968-69


Below is the entire 26-page Playboy Club Bunny Manual from 1968-69. Being a Playboy Bunny meant navigating a raft of rules. Can you smoke at work? Is it ok to keep your pantyhose in the cooler? Is dancing with the customers allowed?


Welcome to the world of Playboy You can take great pride in being selected as a Bunny; it’s a job that you will find is both unique and exciting. The Playboy Bunny has created a new definition and standard for charm, beauty and friendly service. Playboy Clubs are world-famous for their distinctive decor, unique facilities, good food, man-sized drinks and, particularly, their beautiful Bunnies. To guarantee the high standards which our Keyholders have come to expect, we are extremely selective in our Bunny hiring procedures. For instance, in opening a recent Club, we interviewed 500 girls but only selected 40 as having the personality and physical beauty required of our Bunnies. After a new Bunny is hired, she goes through a complete and detailed training program which enables her to serve our Keyholders, and their guests, rapidly and efficiently.

The Bunny has become what the Ziegfeld girl was to another generation, synonymous with the most glamorous young women in the world. The remarkable success of our Playboy Clubs is a direct outgrowth of the enthusiasm which millions of urbane, successful men have for the PLAYBOY Magazine. To them you represent the excitement and glamour of PLAYBOY. Girls from all over the United States and from Denmark, Ireland, France, Germany, Ecuador, England, Italy and many other countries have become Bunnies and take delight in holding what has been called the “top job in the country for a young girl.”

Our Bunnies re present varied backgrounds — among them are former school teachers, secretaries, actresses, dancers, models and co-eds. Many hold part- time Bunny jobs while pursuing full-time careers or studies. The close, long-lasting friendships you will develop and the excitement of the job itself are an important part of the satisfaction of being a Bunny. Bunnies have frequent opportunities for travel on their job. Playboy Club Bunnies, like celebrities, are frequently pictured in national magazines and newspapers. You may also have the opportunity to make public appearances for Club Promotions, transfer to other Clubs or take trips to new Clubs to train new Bunnies.

In addition, you will find that being a Bunny can be financially rewarding. Your pay will be in direct proportion to the attention and service you provide to our Keyholders and their guests. The sooner you are able to consistently provide the fine, glamorous service for which our Clubs have become famous, the sooner you will be earni ng top wages. The requirements and standards for Playboy Club Bunnies are high. The work will often be strenuous and demanding, but the rewards will be great. This manual should answer many questions that you may have concerning your new responsibilities. Read it carefully, learn your duties well…. And again, congratulations and best of luck as a Playboy Bunny.


The Playboy Club Bunny Manual 1968-69



Group insurance coverage, both accident and health and life, is available to all Bunnies. Your Bunny Mother or the Personnel Manager will be happy to discuss current Club coverage with you.

A Bunny who has been continuously employed for one year is eligible for one week’s vacation as of her anniversary date. A Bunny who has been continuously employed for two or more years is eligible for two weeks vacation as of her anniversary date. After one year of employment, a Bunny is entitled to one-half (1/2) day vacation credit for each month worked before she leaves our employ, to a maximum of five days in the anniversary year (based on a 40 hour week). A Bunny who is employed less than a year and is terminated does not receive any vacation credit. Vacation pay for all eligible Bunnies is calculated on the weekly base guarantee set forth in the pay schedule. Bunnies will be paid vacation time as follows: A Bunny with one year or more of service will receive a pro-rata share of whatever vacation she has earned at the time she is terminated, etc.

Leaves of Absence
An employee may take a leave of absence without pay up to a maximum of 45 days. Arrangements must be made with the Bunny Mother and approved by the General Manager. Employees not returning by their scheduled date will be terminated. They may later apply for reemployment; if rehired, however, they are considered new employees in all respects.


playboy party


PLAYBOY Magazine and VIP

Employees receive advance copies of these HMI-( Publications two weeks before their regular distribution dates. These advance copies are for the personal enjoyment of employees only and may be obtained in the Bunny Mother’s office. Employees may purchase discount subscriptions to Hill-I Publications through the Company.

Playboy Products
Handsome discounts on Playboy gift items are available to Playboy employees. A list of all Playboy Products and prices may be obtained from your Bunny Mother.

Resignation or release from the Company is considered a complete break in service continuity. No past service will be credited in case of reemployemnt. A rehired Bunny assumes the same status as a new Bunny. Reemployment will be based on the combined evaluations of the Bunny Mother, General Manager and Playboy Clubs International Bunny Department.

Finder’s Fee
A Finder’s Fee is paid to Bunnies who refer an applicant subsequently hired as a Playboy Bunny and employed for 90 calendar days. By being “Bunny Beauty Scouts”, Playboy Bunnies have an excellent opportunity for earning generous fees and the reward increases with additional referrals in the following manner:
1. $50 is paid to the “finder” for the first Bunny she has referred. The referred Bunny must be employed for 90 calendar days.
2. $75 is paid to the “finder” for the second Bunny she has referred within a 12-month period after the first referral was hired. Referred Bunny must be employed for 90 calendar days.
3. $100 is paid to the “finder” for the third Bunny she has referred within a 12-month period after the second referral was hired. Referred Bunny must be employed for 90 calendar days.

Incentive system
The Incentive System, which includes the Good Service Contest and the Mug Incentive Contest is designed to reward those Bunnies who put forth outstanding extra effort to do a good job. The two contests are as follows:

Good Service Contest
The Good Service Contest is held daily for all Cocktail Bunnies. The daily winners receive merits for having achieved the highest drink average through excellent service. The Monthly Good Service Contest is won by the Bunny who has won the most daily contests that month. Awards are as follows:
First place….25 merits plus 1 merit for each daily contest won that month; choice of schedule* for one week.
Second place…15 merits plus 1 merit for each daily contest won that month.
Third place….1O merits plus 1 merit for each daily contest won that month.
Ties: Tie for first place reaps duplicate awards and omits second place while third place remains the same.Ties for second place delete a third place winner.Ties for third place pay each girl duplicate awards.


The Playboy Club Bunny Manual 1968-69


Mug Incentive Contest
The Mug Incentive Contest rewards our Cocktail Bunnies for proper merchandising of the Playboy Mug. Monthly winners are those Bunnies with the highest numbers of mug sales during each month. Rewards are as follows:
First Place….25 merits, choice of schedule* (one week) and a Playboy souvenir mug.
Second place…20 merits and a Playboy mug.
Third pIace….15 merits and a Playboy mug.

*When a Bunny has choice of schedule she may only choose rooms and assignments she has proved capable of working and for which she has been trained.

One of the advantages that Bunnies enjoy is the opportunity of moving to another city permanently, or for a short time, with the security of having a good job waiting if their transfer requests are approved. Transfer requests should be submitted through the Bunny Mother. After a Bunny has completed the Request for Transfer Form, the Bunny Mother and General Manager add their comments and the form is forwarded to Playboy Clubs International. All transfers must be approved by International. Consideration is given to the Bunny’s performance ability, appearance, length of service, merit/demerit status and the Bunny—staffing needs of both Clubs.

Habitual absenteeism is cause for dismissal. We realize, of course, that sometimes there are unavoidable reasons for absence. If for any reason, you are unable to work as scheduled, it is your responsibility to fìnd a replacement. A copy of the schedule may be obtained from the Bunny Mother, and you should always have an up—to-date schedule in your possession. If you find it necessary to be absent on one of your working days, check the schedule to see who has a regular day off that day. Then, arrange for one of those Bunnies to take your shift. It is necessary for both you and the Bunny replacing you to notify the Bunny Mother of the planned change. You may not replace yourself with one of the Bunnies on that day’s reserve list.


After you have arranged for a replacement, call the Club office and notify the Bunny Mother of the arrangements you have made. The Bunny replacing you must also call the Club office to confirm that she is assuming responsibility for your shift. Those Bunnies who are most cooperative about replacing Bunnies unable to come to work — even though it means sacrificing one of their days off — will find it easy to get a replacement when they need someone to take their place.

Breaks Bunnies are to take breaks only when authorized and only with full knowledge of the Room Director or Lobby Director. The Room Director will sign you l’in” and “out” on your time card for all break times and you must initial these hours daily. (See “Time Cards” page 22.) Another girl covers your station during breaks; Bunnies should see that breaks in no way disrupt service in the Club.


The Playboy Club Bunny Manual 1968-69



Bulletin Boards
It is your responsibility to examine the bulletin board every day for any new instructions or notices which might be posted. Nothing is to be posted on the dressing room bulletin board without knowledge and consent of the Club Manager. The bulletin board is never to be utilized as a means of inviting the Bunnies to activities outside the Club. Bun nies may use the dressing room bulletin board to advertise for a replacement, when necessary, but the advertisement does not constitute fulfillment of the responsibility for finding a replacement.

Bunny Council Meetings
Bunny Council was created to help in determining what problems, suggestions or comments Bunnies may have which they are reluctant to discuss at an open Bunny Meeting. The Council consists of a representative from each Club room. At Council Meetings, which are held monthly with the Bunny Mother, the representative speaks on behalf of all Bunnies who work in her area. Therefore, she will have discussed matters of concern with the other Bunnies previous to each Council meeting and will present a cross-section of opinion and thought. These ideas are then submitted in writing to the General Manager by the Bunny Mother. Bunny Council Representatives are scheduled and notified one month prior to the date the Council Meeting is scheduled. Each Bunny and several departments at International will receive a copy of the General Manager’s comments regarding all matters discussed at the Bunny Council Meeting.

Bunny Meetings
Bunny meetings are held monthly and, when necessary, special meetings are called. A notice is posted on the bulletin board in advance of each meeting. Your attendance is required at all Bunny Meetings. Absence or tardiness is as serious as absence or tardiness on the job.

Bunny Photo Shootings
All Bunnies are scheduled for one photographic ses sion with the local Playboy Club photographer. Bunnies wear full Bunny costume and accessories for this shooting and are paid $1.25 per hour. The 8 X 10 glossy photograph becomes part of your per manent Playboy record. Remember that the most flattering photographs are obtained when Bunnies use natural-looking, daytime makeup. Exaggerated eye makeup — which is normal ly effective in our dimly lit Club rooms -— will produce a harsh, unbecoming look under photographic lighting.

Dating of Employees
Bunnies are forbidden to date other employees of the Club. Violation of this rule is cause for immediate termination.

Dating of Keyholders and Guests
Bunnies are not perniitted to accept dates with Keyholders, guests or any other persons visiting the Playboy Club. Any Bunny who arranges to meet or be met by a Keyholder, guest or employee of the Club (either on or off the Club premises) will be dismissed immediately. If a Bunny is asked for a date by a patron, she should advise him, in as polite a manner as possible, that Bunnies are not permitted to date people they meet at the Club. She is also not permitted to give her last name, home address or phone number.


The Playboy Club Bunny Manual 1968-69



Dressing Room Conduct
Bunnies will keep the dressing room clean and neat at all times. In addition to making certain that trash goes into proper receptacles, please always keep personal possessions locked in your locker. In some Clubs there is a Bunny lounge, but in others the dressing room is the only place on the Club’s premises where Bunnies are permitted to relax when off duty. However, please do not let such relaxation interfere with girls who are preparing to go on or off duty.

Eating and Drinking
Bunnies are not permitted to chew gum or eat while on duty. Bunnies are not permitted to drink alcoholic beverages in the Club at any time. Bunnies are not permitted to drink soft drinks, lemonade or even water in view of keyholders and guests, but may drink these nonalcoholic beverages “behind the scenes.”

All Bunnies work an eight-hour shift unless instructed otherwise. You are expected to report to the room to which you are assigned at the exact time indicated on your schedule, with your costume flawlessly arranged and all necessary equipment in your possession.

Bunnies must allow enough time before going to their assigned rooms to report to the Bunny Mother for appearance inspection. The Bunnies’ hair, nails, shoes, makeup and costume must be “Bunny-perfect” and no Bunny is permitted to begin working unless appearance specifications are met. Demerits may be issued for carelessness in this regard. When the Bunny reports to her scheduled room, the Room Director, too, will note her appearance and suggest improvements if necessary.


The Playboy Club Bunny Manual 1968-69


Each Bunny will be assigned a locker and combination lock. A duplicate of the combination will be kept by the Bunny Mother. Do not leave any personal articles outside of your locker when you are not in the dressing room. Also, make certain that your locker is kept locked when you are not present. Management assumes the right to inspect any loéker at any time with the Bunny being present.

Bunnies are entitled to one free meal each day worked. These meals are to be eaten in the dining area designated by the Club management.
Merit/Demerit Program

The Merit/Demerit Program is devised to encourage our Bunnies in maintaining high standards for Keyholder relations and stylized service. This program also gives us an opportunity to convey appreciation for outstanding cooperation and reward deserving Bunnies with financial compensation over and above their salaries. A Bunny who accrues 100 merits is awarded the sum of $25.00. A Bunny who accrues 100 demerits is dismissed from The Playboy Club. Merits cancel demerits at the rate of one merit canceling one demerit. A Bunny’s demerits are automatically canceled on the date of her yearly anniversary of employment with The Playboy Club. A Bunny who transfers to another Playboy Club carries her merits and/or demerits with her.

Merits are gained for the following:
Daily Good Service Contest – Days . . . . . . . 1 merit
Daily Good Service Contest – Nights . . . . . . 1 merit
Working for the Club on Day Off, at Club’s Request . . . .10 merits
Working Voluntary Promotion for the Club . . . . . . . . .10 merits
Changing Levels at Club’s Request. . . . . . . . . . . . . 5 merits
Show Announcement, Breakfast Bunny, Dance Session . . . . .Number of merits (1 or 2) determined locally
Working Extra for the Club When Needed . . 5 merits
Working Private Party that is not Scheduled During Actual Working Hours for that Particular Room. . . . . . 5 merits
Transfer to Another Club at the Request of Playboy Clubs international. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .40 merits

Failure to attend Bunny Meeting. . . .. . . . . . . . . . ..25 demerits
Insubordination. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15 demerits
Improper Conduct such as: Drinking any liquid in view of patrons, Chewing gum or eating in view of patrons, and Infringement of smoking rules………….10 demerits
Improper Appearance, such as:. . . . . . . . . . . . 5 demerits
– Unkempt hair
– Improper makeup (including too pale lipstick)
– Improper costume
– Unmatched or shabby shoes
– Dirty or unpolished fingernails
Repeated Costume Offenses, such as:. . 5 demerits
– Bunny Ears not worn in center of head, bent incorrectly
– Reporting without nameplate, penlight, lighter or cash for cigarettes
– Bikini panties showing or not worn
– Unkempt tail
Bad Service such as: . . . . . . . . 5 demerits
– Not doing Bunny Dip
– Not keeping tables clean
– Not changing ashtrays
Not Signing for Bunny Work Schedule. . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5 demerits
Untidy Lockers. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5 demerits
Failure to Report to Work Without an Approved Replacement . . .25 Demerits
Second Offense. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .25 Demerits
Third Offense . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . .Dismissal


Note: There are certain circumstances when a Bunny’s misconduct warrants immediate dismissal even though she has not accumulated 100 demerits.


The Playboy Club Bunny Manual 1968-69


Mingling by any female employee with any patron or guest is not allowed and shall be cause for immediate dismissal. Bunnies may, however, con verse briefly with patrons, provided that conversation is limited to a polite, exchange of pleasantries and information about the Playboy Club. A Bunny may never, under any circumstances, divulge personal information about herself or other Bunnies such as what they do outside the Club, last names, phone numbers, addresses, etc.

At all Clubs, except New York Club (and Atlanta regarding #2) Bunnies may:

have their pictures taken with patrons, provided there is no physical contact whatsoever;
dance with patrons at the feature dance party, provided there is no close physical contact, (twist, watusi, bugaloo, etc., are examples of acceptable dances).

The rule against mingling prohibits dating, any physical contact, fraternizing or socializing with patrons or guests. Again, any violation of this rule will be grounds for immediate dismissal.

Outside Modeling
Playboy has no objection to Bunnies modeling for reputable agencies or businesses. They may not, however, be publicized or exploited as Bunnies when working for any outside company. ALL MODELING OFFERS MUST BE CLEARED THROUGH THE BUNNY MOTHER SO THEIR LEGITIMACY MAY BE ASCERTAINED. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES MAY A BUNNY HERSELF CONTRACT FOR A MODELING JOB. Bunnies who are registered with a modeling agency are required to list these agencies with the Bunny Mother.

Personal Information
Bunnies may not give out their last nanes, home addresses or phone numbers at any time in the Club for any reason, and may not give out information about other Bunnies.

Personal Meeting with the Bunny Mother
The Bunny Mother has an “open-door policy and is always happy to talk with you. It is sometimes necessary, however, for her to call a special meeting with you because of certain infractions of Playboy rules which require discussion and corrective measures, such as: Failure to inform the Bunny Mother or authorized personnel of a replacement arrangement.

Phone Calls
You may not receive personal phone calls at the Club, and messages will be taken only in cases of emergency. The switchboard operator is not allowed to give a Bunny’s last name, phone number or address to anyone. Outgoing calls should be made from pay phones; they are not to be placed through the switchboard.


The Playboy Club Bunny Manual 1968-69


You may be asked to participate in a Playboy promotion, which is a Company-authorized personal appearance made by a Bunny or Bunnies who represent The Playboy Club. It is considered an honor to be chosen to represent Playboy in this manner and if your appearance and attitude are “Bunny-worthy”, you probably will be chosen often. Although promotions are generally assigned by the Bunny Mother and General Manager of your Club, there will be some which will be voluntary. These are usually charitable events in which Bunnies are invited to participate, such as telethons, sports events, visits to hospitals and orphanages, etc. When you are assigned to most promotions, you receive payment for your time; however, Bunnies who participate in voluntary promotions are generally rewarded with merits.

Whether it’s for a promotion, a contest or a business meeting, a personal appearance puts you in the spotlight. If you are chosen to make such an appearance, it means that PLAYBOY Magazine and the Playboy Clubs feel that you are truly representative of the feminine charm and beauty for which Playboy is noted. Very often, a promotion will bring you to the attention of people in the advertising and communications fields-. exposure that can lead to additional modeling work, or even more glamorous assignments in television and motion pictures. So it is in your own interest that you maintain the image for which Playboy is noted. For this reason we ask each of you to observe certain Do’s and Don’ts. Bunnies are famous and, like all people in the public eye, have a responsibility to themselves and to their public


The Playboy Club Bunny Manual 1968-69



. …arrive on time and look your loveliest with your hair styled, your nails freshly manicured arid your Bunny costume clean.
…smile and be personable to all those with whom you come in contact during a promotional appearance. …conduct yourself in such a way that never leaves you or Playboy open to criticism.
…stay in the company of a mixed group, a couple or your chaperon at all times.
…keep a record of your expenses and the hours you have worked.


…indulge in alcoholic beverage before or while working on a promotion.
…date the sponsor of a promotion or someone you meet at this promotion while you are at a given location for the specific promotional assignment.
…allow yourself to be in a situation where complications arise.
…make any comments that are controversial or negative about yourself, Playboy or the promotion on which you are working.
…wear anything other than the Playboy Promotion Costume unless you have been given permission to do so by the Bunny Mother.


Mandatory Credit: Photo by Ray Stevenson/REX USA (285134g) Woody Allen THE PLAYBOY CLUB, LONDON, BRITAIN - JUN 1966


Rules for the Bunny off the Job
Although we do not in any way try to control your behavior away from the Club, you must always conduct yourself in a manner that can only bring credit to your job and the other Bunnies with whom you work.

In most Clubs, Bunnies are paid on a weekly basis. They must sign a salary sheet to indicate receipt of salary check. Cocktail Bunnies are paid an hourly base rate in addition to a service charge payment. The service charge payment is determined by a formula based on her average hourly dollar production and the number of hours worked. There is an automatic service charge added to all Bar Checks. Cocktail Bunnies’ salaries, as computed above, are about 11 to 13% of total dollar production. This is because deductions for bar fees and busboys, normally subtracted from salaries in similar service industries, are built into the formula. The Bunny Mother, General Manager or Club Controller will be happy to explain in more detail the method by which all salaries are calculated. Door and Gift Shop Bunnies are paid by a standard rate per shift and are awarded increases after 6 months of good performance in these positions. A Cocktail Bunny is entitled to keep all cash tips she receives but may NEVER, in any way, solicit such additional tips.

Shopping Service
The Playboy Club is one of a long list of retail establishments, restaurants, and night clubs that employs a shopping service. Shopping service personnel regularly visit each Playboy Club and report to us on their observations, particularly the quality of our service and attitude of employees. This helps us to evaluate the effectiveness of our training and root out carelessness and inefficiency, but, most important, it also permits us to give recognition to those employees who are doing a superior job. If you are doing a good job, obeying the rules and giving the gracious good service you are taught during your training period, you need not concern yourself about the fact that you are, from time to time, “shopped” by a shopping service representative.


Playboy Bunny club manual 6




Occasionally, a Bunny’s performance indicates to management that all concerned might benefit from a temporary suspension of her services. It is hoped that, when the Bunny resumes working, the area of difficulty has been corrected and no further action need be taken.

Time Cards
At the beginning of each payroll week, obtain a new time card from your Bunny Mother. Fill in your name (last name first), your payroll number and the week-ending date. You must obtain a new card from your Bunny Mother each week, even if your first working day is mid-week or on the weekend. As soon as you report to your assigned Room, give your time card to the Room Director on duty. He will then record the time your shift begins in the first “IN” box in that day’s column and retain the card until the end of your shift.

As soon as you report to your assigned room, give your time card to the Room Director on duty. He will then record the time your shift begins in the first “IN” box in that day’s column and retain the card until the end of your shift.

At the end of your shift, the Room Director will record the time you leave the floor in the second “OUT” box in that day’s column and extend the total time worked that day Into the “HOURS WORKED” box. You will initial the blank box directly beneath the second “OUT” box in that day’s column to indicate that you have checked all entries and they are correct. When you leave the floor, give your time card to the Room Director and he will see that it is returned to the Bunny Mother’s office.

All “break” times must be recorded on your time card. The Room Director will enter the break time, using the first “OUT” box and the second “IN” box to record these hours.


Playboy club grooming



Your public and Playboy expect you to be a beautiful, well groomed young lady who projects warmth and graciousness at all times. There fore, you will always want to look your best and be the perfect personification of “Bunny Image”. “Bunny Image” is so essential in your role that failure to meet and maintain the standards of this Image can result in dismissal. You can always call upon your Bunny Mother for help and suggestions to improve your Image.

Costume .
Your costume is the world-famous symbol of the glamourous Playboy Bunny…wear it proudly and prettily. Each Bunny is supplied with two (2) costumes and matching ears, collar and cuffs, bow tie, Playboy cuff links, Bunny tail, nameplate rosette, flashlite and a Playboy lighter. If she loses the accessories originally issued to her, she is responsible for purchasing replacements. A Bunny purchases her own regulation hose, bikini panties and shoes dyed to match each costume. Bunnies are responsible for seeing to it that they are always properly costumed and groomed when on duty. It is up to each Bunny to make sure that a situation never occurs when she does not have a clean, well fitting costume including matching ears and shoes, clean and fluffy cottontail, immaculate cuffs and collar, proper hose, regulation under garments, Playboy cuff links, nameplate and bow tie.

It is your responsibility to see that your hair always looks neat, clean and attractive when you are on duty. Be alert to new hair-styling trends but avoid extremes and tastelessly elaborate arrangements. Wigs and hair-pieces can be a Bunny’s best friend. The Bunny Mother will be happy to advise you on hair styling that will enhance your personality and appearance. Jewelry Bunnies are not permitted to wear any jewelry while on duty. The only exception to this rule is the regulation pair of Playboy cuff links.

Laundry and Cleaning
Bunny costumes are turned in to the wardrobe mistress at the end of each day. She will see to it that costumes are laundered on a daily basis or when necessary. Make sure you are never caught short of costumes or accessories. It is your responsibility to see that your costume and accessories are always spotlessly clean and neat.

The proper use of makeup is an Invaluable aid in Bunny beauty. Your Bunny Mother or the Club’s cosmetic Bunny can help you to learn the latest makeup techniques and adapt them for your particular needs. Keep in mind that our dimly lit rooms require evening, glamour makeup for maximum flattery. Skillful eye makeup includes the use of shadow, liner and false lashes; lipstick must be bright, vivid and highlighted by lip-gloss to avoid a “washed-out look.

Personal Hygiene
Good grooming starts with a daily bath and good deodorant. Regular use of body lotion will keep your skin soft and pretty. Special attention must be given to your hands and nails; make sure that they are always clean and well-manicured. However, wash hands thoroughly after applying perfume, lotion or hair spray. These preparations impart an odor that clings to glasses and produces an undesirable flavor to cocktails.

Helpful Hints for Bunnies
1. Hose should be rinsed in cold water and refrigerated before wearing for extra service.
2. To relieve tired feet, soak them in a solution of epsom salt and warm water for one half hour, then elevate feet. Massage your legs with an upward motion from ankles to thighs.
3. Try rolling your feet over an empty coke bottle.
4. Arch your back during costume fitting for best possible fit.


The Playboy Club Bunny Manual 1968-69


General Manager: He’s head man of your hutch and all areas of Club operation and activity are under his supervision.

Bunny Mother: She’ll hire and train you, coordinate your hours and supervise your work. Her position is similar to that of a college advisor and you will find her a valuable friend and confidante.
Shift Manager: He’s in charge of either the night or day operation of all levels of the Club and reports to the General Manager.

Room Director: He’s responsible for the smooth operation of the room to which he’s assigned. All personnel (including Bunnies) working in that room are under his direct supervision during their assigned hours on that level. Room Directors have complete authority to assign and reassign Bunnies as necessary.

Bunnies should address male supervisory personnel as Mr.__________________ and accept instructions in a cheerful, cooperative manner.


Playboy Bunny club manual 22



Your initial appointment with the seamstress will be arranged for you by the Bunny Mother. You will soon be issued two new costumes. You are responsible for keeping all appointments with the seamstress that are scheduled for you and punctuality Is mandatory because of her busy schedule.

Wardrobe Mistress
A wardrobe mistress is regularly on duty. Please see that the wardrobe mistress is aware of any necessary repairs needed for your costume (snaps replaced, seams repaired, etc.) and that you relay to her instructions given to you by any supervisory personnel regarding your costume. If your costumes are in need of work that cannot be done by the wardrobe mistress, notify the Bunny Mother. The wardrobe mistress has a supply of cotton tails and will replace any that are becoming worn or dirty, if the condition is called to her attention. Be sure that she properly marks any parts of your costume requiring name identification. It is your responsibility to see that all of these things are done. Certaìn items which you might require are stocked by the wardrobe mistress and sold to you at cost. Prices for these items are listed on the dressing room bulletin board.

Other Bunnies
You will meet many wonderful people from among the Bunny ranks and will find these new associations one of the most enjoy able aspects of the new job. Naturally, friendliness, consideration and cooper ation will make new friends for you and help keep the ones you’ve already made.

They will be extremely helpful in the efficient service of your guests. They’ll do everything possible to assist you in your job . . . provided you remember that Busboys work with you, not for you.

They’re authorities on drinks, liquors, glasses, garnishes and ordering sequence and can help you make every order fast, easy and perfect.


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