The Playboy Bunny Club Manual 1968 (know your rights, Bunnies)

In 1968, the Playboy Bunny Club was for swinging cats who liked their women holding “man-sized” drinks, lighting cigarettes and dressed as saucy rabbits. It being a club meant there was rules. In this brochure, you can bone up. You can look around the club here.

This manual is worth the read. You can learn how to smoke like a Playboy Bunny, dress like one and sell lots of drink to win the star prize. Yep, it’s a… Playboy Mug:


playboy 1968


playboy 1968 1


playboy 1968 2


playboy 1968 3


playboy 1968 4


playboy 1968 5


playboy 1968 7 playboy 1968 6


playboy 1968 8 playboy 1968 9


playboy 1968 10

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