The Langauge of Legs: how a girl deploys her gams reveals far more then just her lower limbs

playboy legs

THE Language of Legs is Playboy’s tips for learning what a woman’s legs are telling you. If they are walking away quickly, it might need little interpretation. Well, so you’d think, But you might be wrong. Maybe, the legs are telling you something else? With Playboy’s help, you randy swine need never make fools of yourselves again. The legs are talking:

playboy legs 4a

By Dwight HOOKER.


playboy legs 5a

playboy legs 1

playboy legs 1a playboy legs 1b


The Schemer is also known as the “These Shoes Are Killing Me”.


playboy legs 2


Yep. That really does say The Philanthropist…


playboy legs 27


…A lover of all men.

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