The Age Of Amazon: ‘The Most Brilliantly Complicated Book Description Of All Time’

At Flashbak we try not to look only at past gems and forgotten stories but also at moments that capture today’s culture. And thanks to Robert Popper we have this wonder on Amazon, the online shopping mall that enables writers to publish their own work.

The book is called Unanswered Letters, written by P. Arden Corbin of Topeka, Kansas. Popper says “It is the most brilliantly complicated book description”.


The greatest plot on amazon ever



Xeni Jardin offers context:

You know, every once in a while you run into a real gem on Amazon. A self-published work by an “outsider” author who must also function as their own publisher. When you find a gem like that, you drop to your damn knees and thank Jeff Bezos for creating a space where this sort of thing can happen.

Here goes:

‘A very young boy writes letters to his parents, who never answer them. Then when this person grows into an adult, he writes letters to his first wife, his second wife, and lastly to his fourth wife, of which she never answers any of those letters. Because this wife never talks to that husband, like a wife is supposed to do. But while all of this is happening, this male person is also taking care of his various positions in his life, trying to earn a living with all of the many things that he does. And while he is doing this, he is also raising a family of six girls and four boys. Not all of them are naturally born to his family. Meaning some of them he has adopted as a single father, even when he was a married man. Trying to keep his sanity while doing all of these things has put a lot of stress and strain on this person. Will he survive? You will have to read this Novel to get that answer. The trials and tribulations of this man is something that all of us can learn from as we read this book. Will any of what this man experiences, happen in your lives? One can only wonder. Don’t miss reading this Novel, because you may learn something that will help you in your own lives. This is a long book. Read this book, because you will learn how to survive in this world, when you think there is nothing you can do. The tenacity this main character used when he went out into this world, will inspire you to do great things with your own life.’

You can buy the book here.

And you can buy more of Mr. Corbin’s work. One other of his book’s is called The Lake That Wasn’t There.




On the back cover we learn more of the author:


the lake


‘His latest project is writing stories about all of the creatures he has encountered during his lifetime from each creatures’ perspective…’

‘This story solves 95-percent of the world’s major problems…’


Screen Shot 2015-10-13 at 15.21.49



And there’s Trails of Unexpected Journeys. The synopsis is memorable:

‘To travel to an area where one does not expect to be hit on ones head, or to have your creatures booted out into a world they do not know exists, is something that one wonders what kind of world do we all live in. But to survive two hits on ones head, when that person is seventy-five years old, is something that one never expects either. And for two cats, one dog, one guinea pig and one barn owl, who have never been outside, except to go to a Veterinary Hospital, or for the Dog to go do his naturely duties every day, is something no one expects either. Now how will these five creatures find their master, and if he cannot get back to them very soon, what will these five creatures do to try to get back to where they came from, and will human persons recognize them and know where they live? And will these persons let them get back into the apartment they are so familiar with, so they can be safe again? And how will they survive, until their Master returns back to them, if he does return back to them at all? And how will their Master know where they are located? So read this book to see how everyone fares all of these unexpected Journeys.’


Screen Shot 2015-10-13 at 15.23.00


Also Wagon Tracks to Somewhere:

Has anyone ever rode a horse sixteen hundred miles, following wagon tracks, made by covered wagons, about 1875, to find out where they went? That is what this book is all about. And the adventure it turned out to be, is something that only the person who did this, actually knew.

But because this person has a special ability, which is, to be able to talk to any creature on this Earth, and to do what this young man did, will capture your own imagination, of what you might be able to do, in case you were able to do the same thing.

Consider making friends with several wild horses, and even a bald eagle, who helped protect these two individuals as they traveled. That is why you must read this book, so you too can experience what Daniel Royal experienced. Because the way this writer explains most everything, will permit you to be one of the characters of this book also. Become a person who will want to write a review about what you will read in this adventure story.

Lockley Cottonwood
A lifelong friend of
P. Arden Corbin

Self-published books online might just be the greatest cultural event of the age.

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