Photos Of A Typical Saturday Afternoon In London Ohio 1938

In 1938, Ben Shahn (1898-1969), a photographer with the Farm Security Administration, took a Saturday afternoon stroll around London, Ohio, taking pictures of the people and places he saw. The result is a view of a typical day in 1938 America:


London, Ohio 1938 FSA/8a18000/8a181008a18145a.tif FSA/8a18000/8a180008a18004a.tif London, Ohio 1938

London Ohio 1938 vintage retro

ohio 11

ohio 7

Ohio 1

London Ohio 1938 vintage retro

FSA/8a18000/8a181008a18161a.tif FSA/8a18000/8a181008a18157a.tif FSA/8a18000/8a181008a18155a.tif London, Ohio 1938 FSA/8a18000/8a181008a18147a.tif FSA/8a18000/8a180008a18005a.tif London, Ohio 1938 FSA/8a18000/8a182008a18240a.tif

London, Ohio 1938 23

FSA/8a18000/8a182008a18237a.tif London, Ohio 1938 FSA/8a18000/8a182008a18216a.tif

London, Ohio 1938



London, Ohio 1938

London, Ohio 1938 FSA/8a18000/8a184008a18406a.tif FSA/8a18000/8a181008a18146a.tif

London, Ohio 1938