Gorey Be Damned: Sticky Nightmares Drawn On Post It Notes

'When I have time I draw Monster drawings on sticky notes. It's a little window into a different world made on office supplies' - John Kenn Mortensen 

“The kid will die when he reaches the end of the thread”
– John Mortensen


Donn Kenn John Kenn Sticky Post It notes


Danish Illustrator John Kenn Mortensen turns a sticky note into a surreal wonderland of nightmares. His “salute to the misfits of the world” taps into the unlocked imaginative consciousness, that curious place of monsters and demons, where things that go bump in the night exist alongside wild desires that complement them.

Mortensen’s dark nightmares remind us of Edward Gorey’s macabre humor, daring us to peek though the curtains at what we fear and hope is looking back at us.


post it 5

post it 8

post it 9

post it 10


post it 11


post it 12

post it 14

post it 13


post it 15


post it 16




post it 17




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