Leave It to Roll-Oh Your 1940 Domestic God

Leave It to Roll-Oh is a 1940 film starring a house-trained ‘Robut’ robot who will make housewives redundant and illustrate to said little ladies how relays and switches work in a go-ahead Chevrolet automobile.


roll-oh robot 1940


Roll-Oh was first showcased at the New York World’s Fair in 1940. He is not to be confused with the Westinghouse Corporation’s Elektro, a feckless, chain-smoking lay-about. Roll-Oh vacuums, dusts, cooks, cleans, gets the post and pours the gin.


roll-oh robot 1940

roll-oh robot 1940 roll-oh robot 1940 Roll-oh-robot-1940 film roll-oh robot 1940


The film features a dose of what is now termed ‘mainsplaining’. The savvy dude from Ray’s Robot Repair sits the now bored housewife down for a lesson (via).

R: “There Miss, you see the heterodynes were feeding back into the stimulus reaction activators causing non synapse of the motor control resistor units.”

H: “Oh, that’s good.”
R: “No Lady, that’s bad. But your re-generative circuits are tuned asynchronously and that causes concatenation in the intermediate amplifiers.”

H: “Well that’s bad, isn’t it?”

R: “No, that’s good. From now on I don’t think there’ll be the slightest trouble with your robut. Your domestic problems are completely solved.”

At which point the robut shows him the door.