American Maker: 1960 Propaganda Film Celebrating ‘Our Inborn Understanding Of Making The Things We Want’

American maker


American Maker is a 1960 celebration of American craftmanship. Produced by the Chevrolet marque of General Motors and the Handy (Jam) Organization this 25-minute movie looks at how Americans are united in their love of doing. There are no idle hands as “Americans build, from youth throughout life, by using their ingenuity not only in technological advancement but in everyday efforts by everyone.”


American Maker


Underscored by holiday camp music, the narrator hails the ever-young United States:

“As makers of today, and shapers for tomorrow we Americans seem to share an inborn understanding of how to go about making the things we want – whether we’re reaching for the moon, hobbying in the home, doing our part on a convenience to be enjoyed or preparing a tasty titbit, we’re all of us makers.”

Welcome to Team America.


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American maker


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Americans lapped up the propaganda – or at least they were encouraged to. In ‘Motown’ Detroit the film played as a premable to Hitchcock’s Psycho.


american maker psycho


And now for your main feature.