A Clockwork Carpet: When Floor Coverings Went Orange

To say orange was a popular color in the late sixties to early seventies would be an understatement. It colored our appliances, bed linens, automobiles, walls, and especially our carpeting.  Sure, brown was big, but orange was king.

Here is a random assortment of images from The Golden Orange Age.  Prepare to have your orange saturate levels reached with an overdose of rust, ocher, coral, carrot, burnt orange, and pumpkin floor coverings.


Peruvian carpet ad

What better way to start things off than with a Peruvian Carpet Mama.


From a 1969 Sommer carpet advert. A thing of beauty.


I am in awe of this advertisement.  I am, right now, making it my desktop wallpaper.

October 1972_0003

This ad comes to you from October 1972.  A tad unusual for a carpet advertisement, but it definitely grabs your attention.  Take note of the perfect 70s palette.

womans day coveraug25-1967

This is from the cover of a 1967 issue of Woman’s Day magazine.  You’ll note that with some of these examples, the fine line between orange and gold is often blurred.

House & Garden (Nov 1973) (19)

House & Garden magazine, November 1973


Let’s not forget the office space.  That also needed to be covered in orange from wall to wall.




Publicité Advertising 1971 (a) Les Meubles Mobilier de France

From a 1971 French furniture advertisement



Fall colors were definitely in effect during the early to mid-seventies.  Once the disco era hit, the palette shifted towards primary colors… then to pastels in the days Miami Vice.

psychedelic decor (26)

Coolest library ever.

House & Garden (Nov 1973) (15)

From the November 1973 issue of House & Garden magazine.  You’ll note that there are “52 Colors” to choose from, and it should come as no surprise that they landed on orange.


Let’s speak frankly for a moment.  Really – what was up with the entire world being saturated with orange?  Do you think it was the drugs?

067_Ladies Home Journal (November 1969)

Ladies Home Journal, November 1969

1975 Ethan Allen Newspaper Insert

1975 Ethan Allen furniture advertisement

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