Brian Eno, Polly Eltes and Judy Nylon In A Rare 1974 Promo


This is the little-seen promo video for Brian Eno’s song China, My China (from 1974’s Taking Tiger Mountain [By Strategy]).

Eno appears with Polly Eltes and Judy Nylon.


Moody & the Menstruators (Reading, Berkshire 71 – 74) Proto Punk / Avantgarde / Performance Art, also known as The Moodies

Polly Eltes with Moody & the Menstruators, aka The Moodies. Via Anne Bean


Eltes is a former model turned actress and singer; she contributed vocals to the same album’s Mother Whale Eyeless and has collaborated with Michael Karoli and Jah Wobble. She is also a photographer.

Judy Nylon is the American-born performer, writer and artist who took 70s London by storm.

Patti Palladin and Judy Nylon in Snatch

Patti Palladin and Judy Nylon in Snatch

Nylon was often in cahoots with her partner in Snatch, Patti Palladin. Here they are performing at Hurrah! in 1979. I think this was shot by the estimable Paul Tickell: