20 Vintage Photos of Dicks

“I collect Dicks,” says Stacy Waldman. “That is, vintage photos of people, places and things named Dick. I put them into categories. For example, ‘Big Dicks’ are adult men named Dick. ‘Little Dicks’ are boys named Dick. ‘Dick Destinations’ are places named Dick, and ‘Friends Play with Dick’ refers to photos of Dick and his friends. You get the idea. Recently, I added photos of Richards and put them into the category ‘Don’t call me Dick!’ I’m hoping to gather 365 photos of Dicks so that I can eventually have a desk calendar called ‘365 Days of Dick’. I have about 300 photos, so I’m getting close.”
dick chicago cat dick

dick camp dick artist
dramatic dicks dick driver
dick beer welcome home
dick ring 1949 dick vintage photo dick retro
dickie vintage deckhand dick
dick 1976 vintage dick 1 vintage dick


You can find Stacy on Instagram and Facebook as House of Mirth Photos.

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