17 Unintentionally Naughty Images of Yesteryear

unintentionally sexual retro (15)


Here is a stack of old adverts, comic books, catalog pages, book covers, etc. which seem to indicate sexual shenanigans. Much of the innuendo here was clearly unintentional, but others will have you doubting their innocence.



unintentionally sexual retro (21)


“It’s easy to see why so many women prefer Lucky Strike.  Luckies are fully packed with long strands of choice tobaccos, round and firm to the very tip…” (1933)

Sigmund Freud warned us that sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.  However, sometimes the sexual undertones are just too hilarious to ignore.



unintentionally sexual retro (7)


Archie is openly aroused by a bikini clad redhead, so Veronica recommends a young lad cover his “head” with sand…. and so he does.



unintentionally sexual retro (22)



A mob of salivating males shout “Luscious! Tempting! Appealing!” while a woman gives us a sly look as she brings a Tootsie Roll to her lips….. (insert porno music)



unintentionally sexual retro



This page from a German hosiery catalog is making me extremely uncomfortable.    I think it best we move on…



unintentionally sexual retro (18)



Yet, this one’s even more awkward than the last.  It would seem awkwardness is at all sides in this article.  Best to just roll with it…



unintentionally sexual retro (12)



Has science invented a way to unsee things yet? I don’t even want to say what it looks like is going on here. If I told you, there might be long term psychological damage.



unintentionally sexual retro (1)


The lake is teeming with naked boys and Robin can’t wait to jump in!  Meanwhile, The Man of Steel and The Dark Knight exchange “should we?” glances.



unintentionally sexual retro (5)



Nothing to see here.  Just a young lady getting her exercise with her trainer.  Absolutely nothing naughty happening whatsoever.



unintentionally sexual retro (16)


This illustration comes from an old pulp magazine.  Those rags were brimming with double entendre and sexual innuendo.  When you can’t be explicit, sometimes you have to get creative with your bawdiness, and lay it between the lines.



unintentionally sexual retro (17)



Get your mind out of the gutter.  There is absolutely nothing sexual whatsoever about this photo.  I must have included it by mistake.



unintentionally sexual retro (8)


Somebody’s getting touched tonight; that’s even not up for debate.  The question is: who goes first?



unintentionally sexual retro (10)



Let this serve as a reminder: if you go too long without cleaning the pipes, that sucker can go off like a nuclear bomb and someone’s liable to get hurt.



unintentionally sexual retro (11)



I suspect the innuendo here is intentional.  Of all the possible positions and placement of that sock, the artist decided to have a woman’s hands pull the fabric right at the bear’s groin.

And speaking of highly suspicious fabrics…



unintentionally sexual retro (4)



I’m trying to come up with a reason a Ban-Lon advert would feature a man placing a wiener in another man’s mouth while a girl watches.   I’m coming up empty – any ideas?



unintentionally sexual retro (13)



It seems Binky got a bit carried away watching all the girls on the beach; now he’s gone and made a terrible mess.



unintentionally sexual retro (20)



It’s easy to take a comic book panel out of context to imbue it with sexual connotations.  We could play at this game all day…


unintentionally sexual retro (14)



… so, seeing as how we’ve reached absolute rock bottom, this seems a good spot to end this risqué ride through yesteryear.  I hope you enjoyed it!



unintentionally sexual retro (1)

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