15 Vintage Found Photographs of Creepy Dolls

'Dolls with no little girls around to mind them were sort of creepy under any conditions' - Stephen King, Desperation

Who isn’t creeped-out by the cold dead stare of a doll from an old photograph? I’m sure the dolls in these old photos were well-loved and the source of happiness for children; so, they should be heartwarming rather than creepy.  Yet, there’s just something about them that is off-putting enough to make us feel uneasy.  Hollywood has been well aware of this fact, using them over and over to deliver the scares (see The Top 15 Scariest Dolls of Cinema and Television).  Let’s have a look at some images of dolls from yesteryear ranging from mildly troubling to horribly nightmarish. Enjoy.


If you’r on the fence as to whether dolls are are wholesome fun for children or satanic manifestations from the darkest corner of hell, this photograph should easily resolve that issue.

Laid to rest with his favorite ball cap and doll – isn’t that just precious?

I came upon this found photograph and nearly choked.  What in the holy hell is going on here?  Is grandma being attacked by a bloodthirsty doll?  I’m sure there’s a perfectly sane explanation for this… right?

The doll isn’t particularly scary, but the girl’s expression clearly demonstrates it has taken full possession of her soul.

Speaking of creepy ventriloquist dolls, check out this recent article: 30 Old and Unsettling Photographs of Ventriloquist Dummies

Just a couple of dudes enjoying some drinks… with a ghostly doll for some unknown reason. (shudder)

The African child pictured above is either covering her mouth for a yawn, or from abject horror at this talking doll.

The rare instance where the people are putting me more ill at ease than the doll.  Grandma and the girl are giving me the willies.

I’m sure the glowing eyes are just a trick of the light, a reflection from the camera flash… right?

A perfect example of where it was probably a wholesome, adorable scene had you been there a hundred years ago.  Now, the faded old photograph has a haunted disquieting vibe.

What sort of horrors is this doll speaking to this woman? I don’t want to know.

This doll is definitely possessed and comes awake at midnight.  You can’t convince me otherwise.

Another found photo that had my jaw drop upon first glance.  Obviously a gag… but given that I don’t know the source or background for this photo, I can’t be sure.

This picture has already made the rounds on the internet, but it just so damn creepy I thought it deserved a place on this list.

We’ll stop here.  I hope you enjoyed our gallery of ghoulish dolls – and, don’t forget, if you have any dolls in your bedroom, be sure to sleep with one eye open.  Sweet dreams!

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