15 Plucking Awesome Rock Guitar Ads from the 1970s-80s

Kiss dimarzio advert

Let’s take a look at fifteen examples of guitar (and guitar amp/speaker) advertising from the seventies and eighties.   Some feature famous musicians of the day, such as Kiss and Journey, to endorse their product, while others just lay on the “sex sells” approach.  Whatever the marketing tactic, it’s an interesting ride down rock’n’roll memory lane – Enjoy!

heavy metal guitar ad

I’m not so much interested in the Hondo guitar as I am the $2.00 poster – I want this.

journey band advertisement

Journey lead guitarist, Neal Schon, had the greatest Caucasian-afro in the history of rock-n-roll.

Creemv05n09-084 (2)

I love this ad.  The guitar is called The Ripper, and it’s designed to “rip your ears off”…. and it features a smiling cheesy lounge act.  Has any advertisement ever so poorly illustrated their product?

Circus Magazine 7-31-82 (12)

The Shark, from a 1982 issue of Circus magazine

paul stanley kiss guitar

The Paul Stanley Ibanez PS-10

vintage guitar advert

Tom also enjoys the fringe benefit of his guitar – its ability to attract neighborhood groupies.

vintage fender guitar ad

Check out the expression of the “it’s a soul machine” guy.  Just wow.

van halen guitar ad

Eddie Van Halen and McEnroe for Kramer guitars

ovation vintage guitar ad

brian setzer guitar ad

Brian Setzer for D’Addario guitars

fender guitar ad

I must say, that’s a pretty cool poster.  I would have loved to have that back in 1978.

scorpions advert guitar

Scorpions for Gibson

International Musician And Recording World 1978 Oct

This 1978 speaker ad fully embraced the “sex sells” strategy

billy idol advert

Billy Idol’s guitarist for Hamer guitars

And I’ve saved the best for last…

BC Rich guitar advert

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