Mildred (Cyclone) Burke defeats Leona (Babe) Gordon to become women’s wrestling championship of the world

FLASHBACK Photos of the Day. The AP reports: “Mildred (Cyclone) Burke of Kansas City, Missouri, claimant to the women’s wrestling championship of the world, and Leona (Babe) Gordon of Chicago gave each other a mud pack ‘treatment’ when they took part in a Hindu-style wrestling match in a mud-filled ring at Akron, Ohio. Picture shows: Mildred (Cyclone) Burke (on top) pinning her equally muddy opponent, Leona (Babe) Gordon, in the viscous mess as Ernie Maddock, the referee, moves closer to tap Miss Burke on the shoulder to declare her the winner. The referee seems to have collected as much mud as the combatants!” Date: 23/01/1938