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Love Boat Rejects: Unforgettable Photos Of People On Cruise Ships In The 1990s

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Love Boat Rejects is a collection of pictures taken by Ian Hughes and his fellow photographers onboard American, Norwegian and Italian cruiseships throughout the 1990s. Working the decks was Ian’s first job when he left Art College in Merseyside in 1989.

Photographer Muir Vidler understands the pain:

Being a cruise ship photographer is like being a prisoner of war, but you have to wear a name badge and pretend to be happy. It is, of course, grindingly depressing…

Another weekly low point was the captain’s cocktail party. All the passengers would be herded past the captain for a handshake while I took a grip-and-grin photo of the momentous occasion. It was during one of these shoots that I took the first ever photo that I really liked… I can’t remember how, but I had offended a cantankerous American passenger earlier in the cruise so when he came in for his free cocktail and handshake with the captain he gave me this moment of photo-gold:


crusie ship



Sometimes the pain pays off. (These pictures really did make me laugh).




dinner_shock  happyfamily mr_happy pink_couple cultureclash 22

emby_groucho napkin nyearkid closeup flare_v flare syrup_dinner blackrug scruff2 falls_horror resyhorror_v faceache resy_face humbug emby_shy beaker snuggly shipwrecked


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  • timdub70

    Captain Stubing never had to deal with these people.

  • Gold. Pure gold.

    • flashbakcom

      Got a favorite?

      • Mr Happy is good, Shipwrecked also, but really they are all beautiful in their own way. 🙂

  • Joe McCool

    It must be really hard to be a cruise ship photographer. You poor soul. Just like being a prisoner of war.

    • Box of Cotton Swabs

      …but you have to wear a name badge and pretend to be happy, right?

  • Chuck

    I’m not sure these pictures are from the 90s. They really look more 1970s. I don’t remember the 90s being quite that sad looking.

    • AlanOne7

      Wearing clothes you’ve had for 20+ years is one of the hallmarks of getting old.

      Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to get my polo shirts and Bugle Boy slacks out the dryer.

  • Tinderbox

    The elderly and people with disabilities are SO FUNNY! LOL!

    • Margot Noel


    • Ian Boothby

      Yeah these are just mean.