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Chart Busting Babes: 64 Top Hits Cheesecake Album Covers

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In decades past, when you released a “top hits” album you had basically two options for the cover: (1) You can opt for the K-Tel route aimed at kids and give them little pictures of the various artists or (2) You can opt for the Top of the Pops approach aimed at teenagers and up and give them plenty of titillating eye candy.

Herein is a motherload of the option number two.  Enjoy.


chart buster (43a)chart buster (44a)

They were like an extension of Page 3. And none the worse for that.

$_57 (6)

The Hot Hits series:  Beginning in 1962, the MFP company’s motto was “Can you tell the difference between these and the original sounds?” Well, yes of course you could, but that didn’t matter to the thousands who bought them. MFP Hot Hits LPs sold hundreds of thousands of copies before the series ended in 1973. Elton John, Larry Adler and allegedly David Bowie all appeared as session musicians and singers.

However, the Hot Hits series pales in comparison to the Top of the Pops series which released a whopping 92 records. The series lasted from 1968 to 1985.


chart buster (1a) chart buster (4a)

I believe the lass on the left is Carol Cleveland, of Monty Python fame

chart buster (6a) chart buster (8a)

A non-Caucasian – a real rarity on these top hits covers (and, of course, it’s for the soul hits).

chart buster (10a)


chart buster (13a)

Generally the rule thumb seemed to be glossy picture of semi-clad girl = dodgy cover versions of hits ground out by anonymous studio band.

chart buster (15a) chart buster (17a) chart buster (19a)

A shame they snapped the picture before she had a chance to brush her hair.

You’ll notice that a lot of these are European.  The non-cheesecake K-tel variety was actually much more popular in America for whatever reason.

smash hits


As far as I’m aware, the only top hits album cover to feature a baby.  The giant safety pin on her bikini bottom/diaper is also a bit unusual.

chart buster (21a) chart buster (23a) chart buster (2d)



chart buster (27a)

chart buster 1

Penthouse Pet Joanna Latham at left.


chart buster (291) chart buster (31a) chart buster (331) chart buster (35a) chart buster (371) chart buster (39a)

top hits


$_57 (38)


top hits 2


chart buster (41a)


  • timdub70

    K-Tel had one album with a girl on it, 1976’s Right On. A woman named Kerry Ciardelli (whom the album said was the lead singer for a band called Free Fall, not to be confused with Firefall) was on the cover and was shown dancing in the commercials.

    • This is the one. And you’re right – hidden on the back cover in fine print on the bottom right it says “Lead Vocalist: Free Fall”. Bizarre.