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All posts from Yeoman Lowbrow

21st August '17 0 107

EEYGAAH!! And Other Vintage Comic Book Screams of Terror

How do you translate to text the sound of someone being scared to death?

15th August '17 4 1425

A Look Inside British Invasion Obsessed Teen Magazines (1965-1966)

We're about to take a walk through several issues of 16 Magazine from 1965 where every picture and word is devoted to any-and-all-things-British.

14th August '17 3 1157

The Ever-Present "Lady in Red" in Vintage Pulp Fiction

What was it that made pulp producers habitually put a girl in a red dress on their covers?

13th August '17 5 1829

Television in the Gutter - A Hilarious TV Guide Parody from 1977

In this issue, National Lampoon unleashed their merciless wit upon the subject of television. Included was a TV Guide parody that brilliantly makes fun of the state of the boob tube in '77

12th August '17 4 1716

Sexy Sixties Sweater Sirens

Here's a look at 1960s DIY fashions featuring those lovely sweater girls. No, they're not high fashion models on Parisian runways - they're modelling do-it-yourself sweaters in needlework pamphlets... but we love them all the same.

10th August '17 2 2657

Hosiery to the Max! Totally 80s Legwear Advertising

Let's have a look advertising just before its fall - the 1980s, when the ads were sexy, exciting and fun.

9th August '17 11 2699

Gimme an "R" for Retro! 35 Vintage Photos of High School Cheerleaders (1970s-1980s)

Taken from old yearbooks, newspapers and a variety of other paper ephemera, comes a motherload of vintage pep.

6th August '17 2 3485

80 Playtime Paperbacks: A Library of Sleazy Reads

The sheer number of sleazy reads published during the 1960s and 70s is nothing short of amazing – all supplied by a variety of publishers more than willing to meet the demand for trashy paperbacks.

5th August '17 5 1265

The 1972 Kenner "Fun Catalog": Cheap Toys for Gen X Boys & Girls

In 1972, Kenner placed a multi-page catalog in the back of select comic books, advertising some of their products for kids.

2nd August '17 4 5707

30 Vintage Kitchens from Atomic Age to Disco Era

Let’s have a look at a kitchen miscellany – images gathered from advertising and other ephemera from the 1950s through the 1970s.