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All posts from Yeoman Lowbrow

12th May '17 2 1154

Man's Life Magazine - June 1970

Be prepared for lots of politically incorrect tomfoolery peppered liberally with violent sweaty perversions. It's what your grandfather read while swigging his highball and chain-smoking Pall-Malls.

11th May '17 1 1242

10 Long-Forgotten Mid-Century Girl Comics

Comic books weren't always superheroes and horror stories; there was an entire genre of girl comics. They came in romance, comedy and action varieties - all featuring a female lead character.

10th May '17 6 1931

Frosted, Sprayed and Feathered: 20 Hair Product Ads from the 1970s

It's amazing what a difference a few years made for hairstyles in the 1970s. The decade began with the straight hippie longhair look and ended with the blow-dried, feathered and saturated with hairspray look.

8th May '17 3 12038

Chic and Sexy Pre-Revolution Fashions of Iran

Miniskirts, bright-happy colors, sexy styles... it was all the rage before their entire culture was swept clean of any Western look overnight.

8th May '17 3 824

Motorcycle Vinyl: 25 Bikes on Vintage Records

Let's take a step off the beaten path and look at some lesser known examples of motorcycle record sleeves...

6th May '17 0 1170

Viking VHS! Nordic Video Catalog Pages from the 1980s

I'm sure the the home video cassette player was a welcome arrival for Scandinavian homes in the 1980s. Stuck indoors through much of the winter, the VHS was the perfect solution to an otherwise boring evening.

5th May '17 7 1334

Biblio Beauties: 50 Vintage Found-Photos of Ladies Reading

Here is a massive library of "dangerous creatures" reading books, magazines, newspapers and whatnot, pulled from every nook and cranny of the retro landscape. Enjoy.

2nd May '17 2 1447

Punk Fashion Shopping (1979-1981)

Need a Public Image Ltd. straight tie and some PVC trousers? We've got you covered.

27th April '17 2 2710

3 Tacky & Unseemly Watches from the Sleazy 1970s

I can think of a lot of ways to describe a watch from a hardcore porn magazine, and "quiet elegance" isn't one of them.

26th April '17 7 1848

20 Years of Living Rooms: 1961 to 1981

Take your shoes off, have a seat, and grab a drink and a smoke, we're taking a look at living rooms from the 1960s through the 1980s - from Mad Men to pre- Miami Vice era decor. Enjoy.