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All posts from Yeoman Lowbrow

17th January '17 1 289

Women Selling Booze: The Ladies of Vintage Alcohol Advertising

Allow me to boil down the entire marketing strategy for nearly every alcoholic beverage company in the 1960s-1980s: Babes Sell Booze. Whether it was beer or tequila, the selling tactic of choice was almost always this: have a hot model in the advertisement - end of story.

16th January '17 6 1929

Hi-Fi Heaven: Stereo & Record Player Advertising (1960s-1980s)

15th January '17 2 1360

Paperback Adultresses: Wives Behaving Badly in Pulp Fiction

"HE WAS WEAK. SHE WAS WANTON" - the tagline sums it up perfectly; the story is almost always the same: she's the tempter, he's the tempted. Let's have a look at some paperback covers featuring those misbehaving missus (and sometimes misters) of yesteryear...

13th January '17 4 1234

A-Frames Forever: The Design Virus That Conquered the World

No concept has been used to compose pop culture art more liberally, with such wild abandon, as the amazing A-Frame. We all recognize the arrangement: a man or woman's legs are spread apart, and it is through this gap that we see the subject.

8th January '17 5 4142

20 Unsightly, Godawful, and Objectively Terrible Vinyl Record Covers from Around the World

Hey, I get it - due to budget and varying degrees of skill, all album covers can't be Sgt. Pepper... and I'm glad it's so. Terrible album covers are much funner to look at.

6th January '17 3 3576

Eyeful Magazine - April 1949

Eyeful was a men's magazine that aimed to "glorify the American girl". In 1949, American adult oriented magazines were innocent by today's standards - they were harmless fun, employing a cheeky form of risque.

4th January '17 67 249060

Yugoslavian Computer Magazine Cover Girls of the 1980s-90s

Despite the very low-key tech content, the guys at Računari decided to put some spice on just about every cover.

2nd January '17 8 3223

Put the Needle in the Groove: A Gallery of Women Posing With Vinyl Records

Here is a gallery of chicks & discs - a collection of images of women and their vinyl from mid-century through the 1970s. Enjoy!

27th December '16 2 934

Christmas Specials in TV Guide (1970s-80s)

I've combed through a few back issues of TV Guide to bring you some memories of Christmas past.

23rd December '16 2 3875

Vintage Vinyl Cheesecake: Best of The Bust

In the 1960s-1980s, if you wanted to sell your record, the most reliable method may have been to simply put breasts on the cover. It was a variation on the "sex sells" approach - you might call it "chests sells".