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All posts from Yeoman Lowbrow

25th March '17 0 382

Strange and Wonderful Illustrations from Vintage Science Books

Look through about any school science textbook today and they are absolutely brimming with glossy illustrations. But, for some reason, older science books seemed to have a bit more "flair" than today. Unlike the illustrations of today's science textbooks which are all-too-perfect, but also all-too-dull, the 1950s-1970s delivered some impressively creative and often odd visuals.

23rd March '17 5 728

Legwarmers & Lycra Leotards: Totally Rad Aerobics Fashions of the 80s

When the fitness craze swept the western world, millions upon millions of Baby Boomers took to the gym... wearing outfits that would be unfathomable today.

23rd March '17 11 856

Marvel's Pizzazz Magazine (Feb. 1978)

God it was great to be a kid in the 1970s... and Marvel's Pizzazz magazine captured the mojo of the 70s kid perfectly

22nd March '17 1 2387

Men Misbehaving in Mid-Century Adult Magazine Cartoons

Let's have a look at some of these naughty illustrations that graced the pages of men's magazines in the 1940s-1960s where the women are almost universally portrayed as buxom, loose and dumb, while the men are ogling, slobbering wolves.

21st March '17 2 2431

A Creepy 1959 Guide to Girl Watching

Are you a perverted stalker who likes to take pictures of your unsuspecting victims? If so, then I highly recommend The Girl Watcher: A Guide to Girl Watching.

20th March '17 2 831

Music on the Go! Advertising the Boom Box and the Miracle of Portable Stereos

Let's have a look at some advertising for these miracles of portable audio technology through the years....

19th March '17 10 887

Roller-Disco Jackets & Polyester Slacks: The 1980 Montgomery Ward Catalog

18th March '17 2 618

Sitcoms on Sale! Awesome 1980s TV Show Advertising from Industry Magazines

Channels was a television industry magazine that ran from 1981 until 1990 - a non-profit trade magazine reporting on the business of television.

17th March '17 5 1047

When Stars Align: Photographs of Famous Faces Together

It's always interesting to find a photograph of an actor or musician sharing the same space. Here's a potpourri of converging famous faces which I found interesting....

16th March '17 3 1139

Totally Rad Fashions for 80s Girls

Pulled from a stack of magazines from the 1980s, let's have a look at some fashion spreads for young women.