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All posts from Yeoman Lowbrow

22nd February '17 1 588

Groovy Chicks Selling Motorbikes: 1960s Sexy Swingin' Scooter & Motorcycle Adverts

Let's have a look at some 1960s advertising which targets the up-and-coming, horny white Boomer male, flush with cash.

20th February '17 0 752

What Could Possibly Go Wrong? Making Mistakes & Paying the Price in Vintage Horror Comics

Horror comic books followed the same basic pattern: somebody makes bad choices, and that somebody learns a lesson the hard way.... usually in a creatively grotesque fashion

18th February '17 2 963

'TEEN Magazine - July 1970

Let's thumb through this July 1970 issue of 'TEEN magazine. Herein, you'll find Bobby Sherman worship, legitimized fat shaming, vinyl miniskirts, and a constant reminder to turn your hair blonde. Enjoy!

16th February '17 1 1145

"I Was A Wild Hot Rod Girl!" And Other Torrid Tales from Confession Mags of the 1950s-1970s

The confession magazine - a periodical directed at working class women, full of tales of sin, suffering and sorrow. Each story followed the same basic formula: "sin-suffer-repent"

15th February '17 0 3092

Carried Away! 40 Examples of the Most Insanely Overused Image in Vintage Pop Art

You know the image: A helpless lady is carried in the arms of a monster, robot, cowboy, etc. The number of times this image has been repeated in pop art is simply beyond belief.

12th February '17 6 1933

Cover Girls of Model Airplane Magazines of the 1960s-1990s

Not so long ago we took a look at Yugoslavian Computer Magazine Cover Girls, now let's have a look at the cover girls of another unlikely magazine topic - model airplanes.

11th February '17 10 5538

Vintage Mystery Parties: Found Photos of Folks Having Fun

I don't know the backstory to any of these found photograph celebrations... but I do know that I wish I had been there.

9th February '17 4 1487

Making Office Supplies Sexy: The 1971 Monarch Marking Mate Catalog

Only in the 1960s or 70s would a label-maker catalog try to sex things up. This was an era where the "sex sells" approach was seemingly used for every single product on the market.

8th February '17 4 1496

Roller-Vinyl! 20 Records from the Roller Skating Craze of the 1970s-80s

At some point in the mid to late seventies, the US and other countries suddenly decided they were going to go absolutely mad over roller skates

6th February '17 2 1313

Cassette Tape Advertising of the 1960s-1980s

The advent of the cassette tape was a major breakthrough for music lovers - a boon that can't be appreciated by millennials who take music-on-demand for granted.