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All posts from John Kenneth Muir - Page 4

11th June '16 2 2159

The Movie Monsters of Summer 1979

Although it wasn’t entirely evident at the time, the horror movie genre reached a major crossroads in 1979.

8th June '16 2 2043

Build Your Favorite Starship: A Gallery of AMT Star Trek Models

For over a decade, AMT (later AMT/ERTL) held the license to Star Trek, and produced a series of Star Trek models based on the original series.

3rd June '16 1 998

Great Video Games Became Boring Board Games in the 1980s

Your birthday arrives. You unwrap your gifts to find that you have been swindled. Your relative have given you the board game version of the video games you wanted.

1st June '16 0 564

Remembering the Star Trek Postcard Book (1977)

Today, I want to look back at another Trek collectible from the so-called lost\t decade, the span 1969-1979.

29th May '16 0 852

The Hottest Ride in Town: Remembering Marx’s Green Machine

In the year 1977, if you were just too big for a “Big Wheel,” there was only one alternative: Marx’s The Green Machine

19th May '16 0 1033

All New Adventures of the U.S.S. Enterprise and its Crew: Remembering the Star Trek Log Books

With Star Trek’s 50th anniversary fast approaching this September 8th, I want to shine a light on another literary chapter in the long-lived franchise.

18th May '16 0 1209

Test Your Flight Skills: Remembering Mattel’s Vertibird (1971)

In 1971, Mattel produced one of the greatest toys of a generation: the Vertibird.

15th May '16 3 2574

Five Times That Earth’s Space Probes Came Back to Haunt Us in Film and Television

five of the most memorable examples of man-made devices that boomerang back from the stars to annihilate their creators.

12th May '16 3 4854

Still Only One: Remembering the King Kong Hype of 1976

Lest anyone think that movie hype is a creation of the 21st century...

8th May '16 1 1421

A Dream Come True? Who Remembers McDonaldland?

In the early 1970s, McDonalds sought to brand its growing universe not just as an eating establishment, but as a destination attraction for children.