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10 Ridiculous (but Awesome) Horror Movie Tag-Lines of the 1990s

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BY the beginning of the 1990s, horror movies had changed significantly from previous decades, and their tag-lines changed with the times too.

In the 1970s, horror movies had titles such as The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1973) or The Last House on the Left (1972), but movies of the 1990s were titled The Temp (1993) or Scream (1996).

Additionally, horror movies of the 1990s were often big studio products, featuring A-list stars like Julia Roberts, which meant that they required a degree of decorum and respectability. Everything, including tag-lines, was becoming more…generic.

The great age of ridiculous but awesome movie tag-lines was largely at an end.

But, some movies still bucked the prevailing trend towards homogenization and featured some good olf-fashioned, sleazy, funny, inspired tag-lines.

Here are ten of the most ridiculous and yet awesome from that span.



 Shakma (1990)



“The world’s most aggressive primate just got mad.”




Eve of Destruction (1991):


“They gave her looks. Brains. Nuclear capabilities. Everything but an “off” switch.”


Army of Darkness (1992):


“Trapped in time. Surrounded by evil. Low on gas.”


Doctor Giggles (1992):


“The Doctor is out….of his mind.”

Highway to Hell (1992):


 “If there’s one thing worse than dying and going to Hell it’s not dying – and going to Hell.”



Split Second (1992):


“He’s seen the future. Now he needs to kill it. He’ll need bigger guns…”

Children of the Corn II: The Final Sacrifice (1993):


“These children are home alone, too.  But their parents won’t be coming back.”


The Temp (1993):


“Don’t get mad. Get Promoted.”


Tales from the Hood(1995):


“Chill or be chilled.”

Uncle Sam (1997):


“I want you…DEAD.”