Tom Baker Dr Who Merchandise: Greetings Cards, Great Underpants, A Weird Action Doll And A Spanx Leisure Suit

Tom Baker played the Doctor in the TV show Doctor Who from 1974 to 1981. He was immensely popular. The BBC marketed the show’s success in a variety of ways.


underpants dr who



The pants were terrific. The doll was less so:



And inside:


dr who doll


The weekly comic was pretty ok, but could lack originality.



Better, perhaps, to draw your own.


dr who


Inside was a little peculiar.

The leisure suit years via


The leisure suit years Via

The leisure suit years Via Plaid Stallions


And another coloring book.


dr who book tom baker

As he says:

Bob Dylan and Kate Bush visit a giant Lizard. Ray tells me the Lizard theme extended into the punch outs as well, maybe the artist had one as a pet or they just thought they were neat.


But the pick were the Doctor Who greetings cards printed in the late 1970s by Denis Alan.


6088770430_7957f7be7f_b 6088771668_1ebce0d4cd_b 6088226895_52c323e7a9_b 6088774200_a7210d0ec1_b

6088238791_24cc46e868_b 6088239759_346814f12b_b


The inside

The inside


And then someone handed Baker some chalk. No expense was spared as the Dr zoomed through time with a damp cloth and a quick scribble.



6088230271_a8eacb560a_b (1)



How old?



6088223141_0725f83852_o6088231473_c0d04d1a46_b 6088232399_859b5782c7_b 6088779432_49ff792ae3_b 6088780592_221a65960e_b 6088235595_6d25cb3cc9_b 6088236517_2a903d2ffc_b 6088783672_59ddef9d8d_b


In 1981, there was no card that said ‘Sorry to see you go’:


Cards Via Martin Over

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