Smells Like the 70s: Vintage Deodorant Advertising

ultra ban deodorant advert

Women’s deodorant and antiperspirant ads came in three varieties: (1) a demonstration of how well the product performs across a busy day (as below), (2) a confident gal giving her testimonial (above), or (3) straight-up shaming (i.e. you will be humiliated by your gross personal stench if you don’t use our product).  The best of the best somehow incorporated all three.  Let’s have a look at some examples from the 1970s and a few more from other decades.

1970 Odorono ad

Catching a bus, working the typewriter, and making sweet love, Dri-Mist Odorono has got you covered.

vintage deodorant ad

Look – her armpit can be nose-level and she’s not offending anyone with her odor.  With Neutro Roberts, you can literally put together a jigsaw puzzle standing up.

1971 deodorant ad

You can dance the night away without fear of public embarrassment.

Constanza magazine Germany April 1958 (7)

German ad from 1958

speed stick vintage ad

Redbook August 1954 (22)

Redbook August 1954 (20)

These 1954 Yodora advertisements make an outrageous proposition: Shave first… then apply.  Imagine the possibilities!

sure vintage ad

“I tried that test I saw on TV. Sure on one side, and my regular spray on the other.”

This was a pretty famous commercial; anyone who remembers 1970s TV, remembers the “Sure Test”.

Ms Magazine Vol 5 No 2 Aug 1976 {PDF}-3


Phoenix Magazine Feb 1971 (4)


Publicité Advertising 1968 Eau de Cologne déodorante Fréo


vintage ad 1972 Le Déodorant Citrys





US anti-perspirant was indeed something new in 1972; all others were targeted specifically at either male or female, never both genders.

TV Guide Dec 17-23 1988 (8)


vintage deodorant russian ad

Two questions: There were hippies in Russia? And since when do hippies use deodorant?


37_new unscented secret spray advertisement

secret vintage ad

“Sorry, Disco Kid”.   Oooo, that’s gotta sting.  This poor guy probably went home and cried.

vintage deodorant ad

Man, this poor girl must smell terrible!

28_Ladies Home Journal (November 1969)

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