Sleazy Reads: 25 Vintage Paperbacks of Ill Repute

Before the internet, the people of Earth read things called books (basically stacks of bound paper with words on them – look it up on Wikipedia).  And, men being men, a lot of these books were of the sleazy variety. Here is a gallery of 25 such books –   Enjoy.


sleazy read 1

“A revealing report on an alarming facet of America’s Sexual Revolution”

There were a lot these books purporting to be journalism back in the 1950s, when in fact they were just your typical sleaze (albeit in a more respectable “wrapper”).  When a husband is asked, “What are you reading, honey?”, he can explain that it’s an exposé on the degenerate state of the nation.


sleazy reads 2

First published in Liverpool in 1908.  It’s a story about a lecherous dude named Jack who lures women into his basement rape-room which he calls the “Snuggery”.   Don’t expect this to show up on your children’s school reading list.


sleazy read 3

The way each of these athletes (and golfer – not an athlete) are just grinning ear-to-ear is actually quite disturbing when you stop to  think about what’s actually going down here.

Speaking of being disturbed when you pause to consider what’s going on…

sleazy reads 4

I don’t think that’s Sweet’N Low this man is adding to her drink.


But it wasn’t always the girl who was suspiciously underage in these books….

sleazy reads 12

“A scorching novel about thrill-snatchers and sex-freaks!”

Do you get the feeling that the teenage boy is doing it wrong.  Harriet seems a bit distracted.


sleazy reads 5

This “all-wise young lady” clearly isn’t the Solomon they describe her to be – what with the nude rollerskating and all.


sleazy reads 6

Sorry I didn’t mention this at the top of the article:  sleazy paperbacks could also be intensely racist.


sleazy reads 13

“It only took one look to see that she was always ready to take dictation… or anything else the boss wanted to giver her.”

I suppose she’s evil, but the boss is just A-OK?  Gotta love those mid-century double standards.


sleazy reads 19

Again, it’s the promiscuous gal that gets the “evil” label.


sleazy reads 8

Apparently, the God of Lust is a flaming minotaur with a Beatle haircut.

And speaking of horny dudes with mop tops…

sleazy reads 7

This 1971 piece of erudite smut was actually the first of a 14 book series!  Book #7 was called The Naked Countess of Liechtenstein (1976), in case you were curious.


sleazy reads 10

Hey, if she swings both ways, that’s fine.  It’s the Nancy and Sluggo dolls that are making me a bit wary.


sleazy reads 9

This looks to be taking place in either a dream sequence or the afterlife.  And, is it just me, or does this guy seem to be more of an account manager or systems administrator than pimp?


sleazy reads 11

The cigarette butts and spilt drinks, the hardened cross-eyed prostitute, the Chinese guy in the background…. all amounts to one depressing and uber-sleazy mess.   Where can I get a copy?


sleazy reads 14

Become an expert on sleazy lesbian paperbacks by reading: Abnormal Tales: 33 Vintage Lesbian Paperbacks From the 50s And 60s.  You’ll thank me for it later.


sleazy reads 16

“by Leslie Behan”….. (for those as slow as I, that sounds a lot like “lesbian”).


sleazy reads 15

A curvy blonde with high-waisted capris waiting by a well-stocked wet bar with martini in hand…. the very vision of a Sixties Swinger’s dream.


sleazy reads 17

Those of you who’ve been following along with Flashbak for a while will be reminded of the amazing Christina books.  If you haven’t had a look – check them out here.  Again- you will thank me later.


sleazy reads 23

They’re saying Marcia is the “strange sinner”, but I’m going to go out on a limb and say her overly attached boyfriend has her beat in the “strange” department.


sleazy reads 18

“Cockeyed cuties”, “Rod”, “Coxman”, a leaf that won’t cover…. I have a feeling more bad puns and double entendres are to be had “between the covers” of this novel.


sleazy reads 20

Bwahahahaa!  Lucky’s expression is the funniest thing I’ve seen all day.  And, yes, this is what men will do with super powers… fighting crime is too dangerous.


sleazy read 21


“She rode high, wide and wicked on a merry-go-round of sex”

If you can appreciate this awesome cover blurb, check out  An Ambush Of Psychotic Lust! 10 Sleazy Mid-Century Paperback Blurbs.


sleazy reads 22

Is it just me, or does this “perverted orgy” look more like “a woman with hemorrhoidal pains”?  Someone get this gal some ointment.


sleazy reads 25

I’m a sceptical kind of guy, not prone to falling under cults and such… but this is one I think I could really get behind.  Where do I sign?


sleazy reads 24

Ummmm, yeah, you may want to skip the Bea Arthur and Estelle Getty chapters.

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